Brasher’s Portland Adds Nissan & Infiniti Remarketing


Brasher’s Portland Auto Auction has announced the addition of Nissan and Infiniti Remarketing Services. The Nissan-based consignor will take part in its first sale with Brasher’s on Oct. 16.

Jerry Hinton, the auction’s general manager, noted that Brasher’s will host monthly sales events for Nissan and Infiniti Remarketing.

“At Brasher’s Portland Auto Auction, Nissan and Infiniti Remarketing Services will reach a dealer base that is eager for the opportunity to purchase import brands,” Hinton said. “We have an established and extremely successful 20-year relationship with another Japanese automaker, now making Nissan our second Japanese OEM. This demonstrates a ready market and continuing high demand for vehicles from Japanese automakers.”

Elsewhere within the ServNet auction family, Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City welcomes football season this year with Tailgate Thursdays. The event, on the first Thursday of every month during football season, will host a drawing for a prize package for football fans. Customers at the auction will receive two entries for the drawing for every item purchased at the auction’s tailgate and bake sale. Potential prizes include a grill, tent, chairs, ice chest, prep table and utensils.

Gary Smith, DAAOKC’s president and owner, looks forward to the custom that his company’s Tailgate Thursdays has become.

“Our tailgate/bake sale has become something of a tradition here at DAAOKC,” Smith said. “It’s a great way for our auction family to work together to help each other, and we’ve received tremendous support from both our employees and our customers.”

DAAOKC also plans to have its annual Fall Party sale on Oct. 16, which they expect to include over 1,800 vehicles along with food and $10,000 in prize giveaways and a drawing for a surprise, brand new vehicle.

NAAA Preview: Auctions Take Center Stage

KENLY, N.C.  - 

It’s mid-morning on a Monday, and Manheim North Carolina is already buzzing with activity. The overlapping chants of auctioneers hum from the lanes all the way through the parking lot leading in to the facility — which is filled with the smell of fresh popcorn and sounds from the first batch of some 2,100 cars that are slated to pump through its eight lanes that day.

The first sale at this auction about an hour east of Raleigh kicked off at 8:30 a.m., but for general manager Ellie Johnson and her staff — along with the consignors, dealers, lenders and all the parties that make an auction work on a weekly basis — the preparation began days before.

 In fact, prep work typically begins when the weekly sale ends on Monday, as the auction’s part-time staff will help move no-sale vehicles and units sold that day to clear parking room for the following week’s sale, Johnson told AuSM in an August interview at the Kenly, N.C. auction.

Then it’s all hands on deck, with a cornucopia of moving parts, over the next seven days: consignors setting their respective sales through AutoIMS on Tuesday, the shop taking care of any approved body or mechanical work, and dealers starting to bring in cars on Sunday night to be checked in for Monday’s sale.

And then that’s when the action begins.

In the Sept. 15 print and digital editions of AuSM — arriving in your mailboxes and inboxes soon, if they haven’t already — we celebrate the National Auto Auction Association and the entire auction industry, as NAAA gets set for its annual convention in Boston next week.

In our NAAA Special Convention Issue, we showcase the many working parts of an auto auction, share more of Johnson’s story as she takes on the role of NAAA president, spotlight commercial consignors, feature your auction photos from the past year, and much more.

Stay tuned!


Manheim Details 4-Week ‘Raise Your Game’ Campaign


On Monday, Manheim launched this year’s national fall promotion titled “Raise Your Game,” a campaign the company said is designed to educate customers on how they can best tailor Manheim remarketing solutions to fit their needs and take advantage of a wide range of service offerings.

With Labor Day weekend in the past and millions of students back in classes for another school year, Manheim’s four-week-promotion will run now through Oct. 10. The company highlighted the campaign will include educational videos for customers and weekly promotions for dealers to learn and win at each of Manheim’s 78 operating locations in North America.

Stephen Smith, senior director of customer marketing for Manheim North America, explained that “Raise Your Game” is a company-wide campaign with local tie-ins and a national activation that leverages industry leadership to engage customers with products, services and tools to increase Manheim customers’ success.

“This promotion has been designed to assist customers with all the newest tools that can help them more effectively find, buy, sell and manage vehicles,” Smith said. “As dealers move into a busy fall season, we want them to take advantage of the ways that Manheim can help them drive more sales and profits.”

Each week of the promotion will focus on a unique customer need, including finding, buying, selling and managing inventory. This national platform will include these highlights:

• Week one is about finding vehicles. It will emphasize the new workbook features and App functionality, including VIN scan, pre-sale inventory, Manheim Market Report (MMR) and transportation quotes.

• Week two will focus on buying, and will cover retail view, enhanced imaging and the DealShield Purchase Guarantee.

• Week three is all about selling. The promotion will cover best practices for all of the Manheim sales channels — in-lane, simulcast, and mobile auctions — and how to use Remote Seller.

• Week four includes My Purchases — checkout, history, mobile alerts and floor plan — transportation options through 1Dispatch and Ready Auto Transport, and more. 

Customers at each North American location can watch 30-second learning videos featuring the “coach” to give them an opportunity to win an Amazon gift card.

These videos will promote auction attendance while providing incentives for customers to learn and win. Each video will be accompanied by a longer tutorial session through Manheim’s The Wholesale Institute (TWI). 

Auctions will give out instant win trivia scratch off cards, provide informational flyers and engage customers at auctions in real-time with the tools to help them win. The company said the auction "coaches" will ensure Manheim customers are learning and having fun at the same time.

“The ‘coach’ videos will cover how to search smarter and not harder, pump up your buying, flex your selling muscle and master how you manage,” officials said.

“This fun way to ‘Raise Your Game’ by learning and winning will help dealers utilize the latest Manheim products and services,” they went on to say.

Cox Automotive Takes DealShield National


Cox Automotive is going national with its DealShield Purchase Guarantee product that lets wholesale buyers return a vehicle for any reason and receive a complete refund of purchase price and buyer’s fee.

Through DealShield, the car can be brought back for up to 21 days and 500 miles from the time of purchase, depending on the options chosen by the buyer.

Earlier this month, AuSM caught up with Matt Trapp, senior director of adjacent growth for Cox Automotive and founder of DealShield, to talk about the product, its inception and development.

In talking with customers, Trapp said he found, “They were looking for ways to get peace-of-mind when purchasing inventory in the wholesale automotive space, and ways to protect themselves when they’re buying vehicles, whether it be online or in lane.”

The team went out to auctions to get back, worked with customers to best understand their needs, conducted research and development, and so forth.

“From that, we’ve evolved a suite of products at DealShield which we think really helps them with inventory risk management,” he said. “And by that, I mean it helps them vehicles where they’ve mis-estimated reconditioning expense; it helps them when the market falls off or a buyer walks away. It really protects them and gives them an additional level of security to know what they’re getting into and how they can get out of a vehicle should they need to.”

In addition to helping helping buyers feel more comfortable in both buying online and in the lanes, Trapp said it also allows buyers to try out different types of inventory they might have not otherwise purchased. In essence, they can source a wider variety of cars to see if they work for the dealership.

DealShield was started in mid-2012 and debuted at Manheim Statesville, which is 46 miles north of Charlotte, N.C. From there, the team moved to other select markets to fine-tune the product, and began rolling it out across the country. It was launched in Florida in July, California in August and will make its way throughout the country the remainder of this year.

DealShield is rolling out in a few Southwestern markets this month, a few locations in north Midwest and before the end-of-year holidays, the company hopes to have it in every Manheim location, Trapp said.

Buyers can choose to add DealShield to most purchases — about 97 percent of the cars that go through the lanes, the company says — with a few exceptions: salvage vehicles, vehicles from 1995 or earlier, and cars that have more than 250,000 miles, odometer discrepancies, or a sale price above $100,000.

The guarantee allows cars to be brought back to any U.S. Manheim location that hosts sales regularly.

Buyers have two choices as to how they use the DealShield Purchase Guarantee.

Option No. 1 is for DealShield to be added as an individual purchase at the time of the sale to any eligible vehicle at any participating location.

The other option is DealShield 360 Membership, which is available to qualifying dealers buying more than 40 vehicles annually. If a buyer purchases this membership, the purchase guarantee is automatically applied to every eligible car the buyer purchase at one consistent rate.

Auction Volume Push to Continue Through at Least 2015


Auction volume was up nearly 5 percent in August, according to the National Auto Auction Association, continuing what’s been a solid 2014 so far and likely the third straight year of increased volumes — with more growth on the horizon.

The association’s latest — prepared by NAAA economist Ira Silver — indicated that auction volume was up 4.8 percent in August against comparable weeks of 2013. Year-to-date, it’s up 3.9 percent.

In a presentation from Silver late last month titled NAAA shared data from its that called for auction volume of 8.6 million units in 2014.

That would be up 5 percent from 2013, when auction volume rose 4.2 percent and reached 8.2 million units. In 2015, NAAA is calling for auction volume of 9.1 million vehicles, a 6-percent gain.

“Auction volume will increase this year and next,” the summary section to Silver’s report indicates. “And probably further on.”

These gains in auction volume are being pushed by stronger new-car retail volumes, according to the report, which have been on an upward bump since 2010. In August, they climbed 9.9 percent, the Economic Dashboard indicates, and have improved 5.1 percent year-to-date.

Although the used-car retail market struggled a bit last month  — sales were down 6.5 percent —  NAAA is projecting there will be 42 million used sales this year (even with last year) and climb to 43 million next year.

This intersection of retail sales, auction volumes and supply trends — along with used-car prices — was something that ADESA's Tom Kontos addressed in his monthly report released this week. 

In the latest Kontos Kommentary report, he pointed out the continued sequential slide in wholesale prices, while also noting that August marked the first time used prices dropped on a year-over-year basis since January. 

Overall, they were off 1.6 percent month-over-month and down 0.4 percent year-over-year, according to the ADESA data.

This should come as no surprise, as this has been an outcome we have anticipated for quite some time based primarily on our predicted growth in off-lease volume,” said Kontos, who is the executive vice president and chief economist for ADESA Analytical Services.

Retail used-vehicle sales, especially for certified pre-owned units, have actually been providing a demand-side extension to the strong sellers market that consignors have generally enjoyed since late 2009,” he added. “But with the focus on new-vehicle sales in the current retail automotive market, those used-vehicle sales have had a temporary lull (although not for CPO units).

Given an improving economy and employment growth, retail used-vehicle sales should resume full bore in coming months, especially considering the high trade-in volume the strong new-vehicle sales are generating. Nevertheless, used-vehicle prices should continue to trend down as supply outpaces demand.

20 Locations Now Have Manheim’s Enhanced Vehicle Imaging Suite


Along with giving an update on how many dealers are using its mobile apps, Manheim highlighted the benefits from the investment in its new Enhanced Vehicle Imaging Suite, which is aimed at helping customers who have struggled to find vehicle condition reports with consistent imaging quality.

Manheim introduced the Enhanced Vehicle Imaging Suite to customers in May, and now the capability is at 20 of Manheim’s North American locations as part of Manheim’s InSight Electronic Condition Report.

“We are pleased that the back has been very positive,” said Bonnie Hensler, vice president of product development for Manheim. “Through customer research, we found that getting condition reports with great vehicle images remained an ongoing point of frustration.

“So coming up with a solution to help our customers has been gratifying. Customers told us that having access to images that clearly and quickly assess what is wrong or special about a vehicle would give them greater confidence when buying and selling, and we have delivered,” Hensler continued.

The operating locations that have the new imaging product include:

—Manheim Atlanta
—Manheim Baltimore-Washington
—Manheim Denver
—Manheim Fredericksburg
—Manheim Houston
—Manheim Kansas City
—Manheim Milwaukee
—Manheim Minneapolis
—Manheim Nashville
—Manheim Nevada
—Manheim New Jersey
—Manheim Ohio
—Manheim Orlando
—Manheim Pennsylvania
—Manheim Phoenix
—Manheim Riverside
—Manheim San Diego
—Manheim San Francisco Bay
—Manheim Seattle
—Manheim Statesville.

The Enhanced Vehicle Imaging Suite can provide the highest resolution images available, delivering showroom quality that can help sell vehicles online quickly.

Officials highlighted the improved package, offered with Manheim InSight Condition Reports, can provide customers up to 18 vehicle images, “heat map” graphics that can help buyers quickly assess vehicle condition and a dedicated photo staff with the goal of ensuring consistent image quality and standards across all Manheim locations.

Manheim indicated dealer back has been extremely positive.

Reed Brklacich of BARCO Rent-A-Truck, based in Salt Lake City, consigns all his vehicles at 10 Manheim locations around North America.

“I sell all my trucks at Manheim,” Brklacich said. “I like the new enhancements, and how the pictures portray my vehicles.” Brklacich reports higher sales and steadier prices since adopting the Enhanced Vehicle Imaging Suite over the past several weeks.

From a buyers’ standpoint, Brett Broghammer of Integrity AutoSource of Vadnais, Minn., has been very pleased by the Enhanced Vehicle Imaging Suite.

“The new InSight ECR pictures Manheim is using for the Toyota lease return sales are a huge improvement,” Broghammer said. “They really help to make my buying decision on these cars quicker and easier.”

Michael Zins of Maplewood (Minn.) Toyota said the zoom tool has been helpful to review damage to a vehicle, while Nick Nyhus Family Sales of Perham, Minn., shared that the imaging product has helped him buy effectively and exclusively online and via Simulcast.

Dealers Step Up Usage Of Mobile Apps To Conduct Business

As consumers increasingly rely on mobile applications to transact business, so do nearly 50 percent of wholesale dealers, according to Manheim.

During the past year, Manheim’s dealer customers used their mobile devices not only to find and buy inventory, but also to track and monitor the entire post-purchase process. To date, dealers have listed more than 50,000 vehicles using the company’s mobile listing tool and received more than 100,000 vehicle notifications via their mobile devices.

“When we first launched our mobile application, adoption by dealers was slow,” said Rumon Lasker, Manheim’s director of product management. “What we are finding now is that nearly 50 percent of dealers are accessing our mobile applications at a much faster pace.  We believe this is due to the all-in-one mobile experience that only Manheim offers.”

Unlike other mobile applications, Manheim explained its all-in-one experience can gives dealers fast and easy access to find, buy, sell and manage all their vehicle transactions:

• Find vehicles using PowerSearch

• Buy vehicles using Simulcast

• Sell vehicles via the myMobileListing tool

• Manage the entire process using myPurchases

“I use the Manheim app daily, it is absolutely the best tool for my business,” said Brian Harmon, dealer principal at RV and Boat Liquidators.

“I continuously run my trades on the mobile app and search run lists all over the U.S. looking for specialty items on,” Harmon continued. “I’ve been in the wholesale, retail car and motorhome business for 27 years and it’s the best tool of my trade.”

In addition, using an iPad, iPhone or Android device, dealers can tap into the Manheim app to research MMR values and purchase vehicles that are listed on or sold through Simulcast.

After their purchase, they can use the app to finance vehicles and order transportation. Sellers can also list vehicles in the Manheim marketplace and disclose vehicle condition information using the Manheim app.

“Whether it’s creating a seller disclosure, listing a vehicle, conducting searches or managing auction check-out, dealers tell us that our digital tools are easy to use and save them time,” Lasker said.

Lynnway Auto Auction Names VP of National Account Sales


Lynnway Auto Auction named a new vice president of national account sales, and appointed to that position is a former leader at ARI and State Line Auto Auction, Jeff Bennett.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome Jeff Bennett to Lynnway Auto Auction,” said company president James Lamb.  “His many years of experience in the auction industry, as well as in fleet remarketing, make him uniquely qualified to head national account sales.

“We know he will prove to be a tremendous asset to our management team, and we are excited to work with him as we build our customer base and refine the service offered to our national accounts,” Lamb added.

Bennett joins the auction following five years with ARI, where he led remarketing of heavy trucks, vocational trucks and equipment fleet for ARI’s leasing programs.

He also spent a decade at State Line Auto Auction.

“I am thrilled join the staff at Lynnway Auto Auction and am happy to be back in the auction world,” said Bennett. “Founders Jim Lamb, George Russo and Richie Delfino lead a thriving auction facility that is an indispensible resource for used-car remarketing in the Northeast. I am excited to work with them and the members of their auction team to continue building their influence in the marketplace.”

Pa. Man Claims Grand Prize in Copart Challenge


Copart recently announced the top three winners of its first-ever Copart Rebuild Challenge, a contest designed for enthusiasts and auto rebuilders to show how they restored, customized or rebuilt a vehicle.

Copart members from across the country submitted their rebuild projects for a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize. A panel of Copart judges narrowed the contest entries to 10 finalists, and then the public voted to select the top three winners. Entrants ranged from first-time car enthusiasts to professional rebuilders.

The company highlighted the $10,000 grand prize went to John Redshaw from Pennsylvania. In his video, Redshaw described how he turned a damaged motorcycle into a customized three-wheeled bike.

Copart mentioned Redshaw has rebuilt a handful of vehicles over the years, and today, many of his family members drive vehicles he repaired.

“For someone looking for a car and trying to save some money, it is very feasible to buy from (Copart) and repair it yourself,” Redshaw said.

Redshaw has been a Copart member for three years and said he plans to use some of his prize money to purchase his next big rebuild project.

“We were really impressed with the customizations Redshaw made to the bike he entered into the contest,” Copart chief marketing officer Matt Burgener. “He took a regular bike and transformed it into something special. I’m not surprised that the public agreed.”

At a young age, Redshaw was in a motorcycle accident and lost functionality in his left arm. The three wheeler he rebuilt for the Copart contest was the first bike he had been on since his accident. He modified the bike to allow him to ride without using his left arm.

“John is a perfect example of how our buyers understand the possibilities of used or damaged vehicles. It’s very inspiring,” Burgener said.

The second place winner was Chad Lennert of Indiana, who rebuilt a Subaru WRX, and the third place winner was Joshua Meeks of Georgia, who rebuilt a BMW Z3.

To view Redshaw's video, click the above window. All other finalist submissions can be viewed at .

Auction Engages Radio Audience with ‘Southern Draw’

MOBILE, Ala. - 

The Dealer’s Auto Auction of Mobile decided to employ alternative methods to stir up local interest in its public sale on Thursday.

The auction’s general manager, Al Praitano, previewed the day’s spoils via the airwaves on Mobile’s local station 95 KSJ.

“We were looking for something fun and different to engage the community for our GSA Sale,” Praitano said. “Our local radio station offered up a remote broadcast from the public GSA Sale staging area and we thought that some country music and fried chicken might be the perfect ‘Southern draw’ for the city to view our public sale inventory.”

Praitano said the initial attraction to one of the most classic forms of advertisement was the potential to reach an average of 9,000 listeners every time the public auction was mentioned. David Andrews, the chief executive officer of City Enterprises LLC, who was on the air with Praitano, was thrilled with the unexpected exposure that radio still receives.

“The numbers the station supplied surprised me,” Praitano said. “We realized our remote broadcast with WKSJ-FM had the potential to reach over 35,000 listeners during an afternoon live remote broadcast.

“When trying to reach the public from our usual position as a dealer-only auction, it is challenging to find ways to interest and involve the public,” Praitano added.

Mobile hosts its dealer sales every Thursday at 9 a.m. with monthly GSA sales that are open to the public. 

Cox Automotive Makes Leadership Changes


Cox Automotive named a senior vice president and chief people officer today, appointing Rock Anderson to the role, effective immediately.  

Anderson had been Manheim’s regional vice president – West Regional Operations. Filling that position now is Barry Roop, Manheim’s market vice president for the Texas market.

Roop, as some may know, was president of the National Auto Auction Association in 1993 and was co-founder and past president of the Texas Wholesale Auto Auction Association.

“Cox Automotive’s goal is to leverage the deep experience and diverse skills of our current leadership to build the best workforce in the industry,” said Sandy Schwartz, president of Cox Automotive. “Rock’s knowledge of our culture and his approachable style will be assets, as we find new and better ways to engage employees in delivering added value to our customers.

“Barry’s broad operational experience of more than 40 years in the auto industry and his success in leading teams and driving results will be invaluable to us in this role,” Schwartz added.

Anderson’s responsibility in the new position include all of Cox Automotive’s human resources functions and “developing strategies that help customers take advantage of the diverse talent, experience and skills that reside in the many businesses.”

Anderson is on Manheim’s executive team and previously headed up its global people strategy. In that role, he led all human resources functions, including overseeing corporate and field operations, security and employment practices.

He will report to Schwartz, and Roop will report Manheim North America chief operating officer Janet Barnard.