Partnerships and Integration

Lake Charles Auto Auction partners with AMS


Auction Management Solutions (AMS) expanded its client portfolio again earlier this month.

Now leveraging the firm for business development consulting is Lake Charles Auto Auction (LCAA) located in Lake Charles, La.  

Established in 1991, Lake Charles Auto Auction was started by Mike Pedersen as a two-lane night sale, catering to independent dealers in the area. Today, the operation is run by the second generation, Mike’s son Matt, who purchased the auction from his father in 2012. 

Matt Pedersen said, “It has been such an honor to learn this business from the ground up, and we are very excited to take the auction to the next level.”

LCAA expanded the facility in 2015 to a four-lane auction and are now about to complete a $2 million renovation to the main office building, including creating additional dealer parking.

“We are very excited to get into the new building to better serve our dealers. We expect to be moved in by the end of October,” Matt Pedersen said.

“We have spent a lot of time building a great base of dealer consignment business over the last several years, and we feel that it is time now to start to expand deeper into the world of national consignors,” Pedersen went on to say. “We feel that AMS can be a great help to achieve our goals.” 

AMS’ auction partnerships now include 24 operations from coast to coast.

“We are very excited to have LCAA join the AMS group of independent auctions,” AMS president Tom Stewart. “We started AMS with a focus of partnering with independent auctions to assist in growing their business, helping them utilize marketing efforts to increase their presence in the market, and to increase profitability. 

“We have a proven sales strategy that delivers proven results for our auction partners,” Stewart went on to say.

Dominion enters Facebook Marketplace partnership to eliminate dealers need to manually upload inventory


Dealers working with Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Dealer Specialties no longer have to upload inventory to Facebook Marketplace manually.

A new agreement with Facebook now allows dealers to list their inventory via an automated syndication feature.

Dominion Dealers Solutions announced Wednesday that its Dealer Specialties portfolio company has entered an inventory syndication partnership with Facebook to enable dealers to automatically upload their inventory data directly to Facebook Marketplace.

“We’ve been working with Facebook to create a better experience for our customers who sell a great deal of their inventory on the platform,” Dealer Specialties inventory services and solutions vice president Shane Marcum said in a news release. “We are confident that this will allow dealers to have more control and faster access to the inventory that's listed.”

Dominion said that the new automated syndication feature that’s available for dealers who employ Facebook Marketplace is open to all inventory management software customers at no additional cost.

Meanwhile, almost a year ago, Facebook announced that it was growing the selection of vehicles that it advertises to U.S. shoppers on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook now has 2 billion- users and an estimated 550 million visits to buy-sell groups every month, according to Dominion.

At Dominion, the company said that more than 3,000 dealers across the country work with its Dealer Specialties entity.

ActivEngage partners with parts and accessories data provider Auto Parts Kit

ORLANDO, Fla. - 

Maybe visitors to your store’s website do not want pricing information to purchase a vehicle; but rather are looking for the cost of a specific replacement part or feature upgrade.

To help stores with those inquiries, automotive live chat provider ActivEngage on Thursday announced a new strategic partnership with Auto Parts Kit. Offering automotive parts and accessory recommendations and availability, this partnership is designed to allow ActivEngage chat specialists to execute auto parts and accessory searches in real-time and share them with customers inside chat conversations — all while remaining on the dealer’s website.

“Providing auto dealers with streamlined solutions that enhance the customer experience is our top priority,” ActivEngage co-founder and chief executive officer Todd Smith said. “Partnering with Auto Parts Kit adds to our dynamic in-chat services, including credit score prescreening and auto service scheduling, which makes ActivEngage the chat provider of choice for the nation’s top auto dealers.”

With seamless access to Auto Parts Kit’s robust API integrated within the ActivEngage chat software, ActivEngage chat specialists can now display pricing, images and related parts to customers within chat conversations.

Soon, the company said this strategic partnership also will allow customers to purchase products within chat conversations.

“We are proud to partner with ActivEngage to offer unprecedented access to auto customers and add tremendous value to the dealership experience,” Auto Parts Kit chief executive officer Adam Rouff said.

To learn more and sign up, visit .

Avis Budget Group joins Internet of Things Consortium


Avis Budget Group is looking to be at the forefront of technology involving the rental and remarketing arenas, so it joined another association on Wednesday.

Avis Budget Group announced it has become a member of The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC). The company has joined the consortium given the critical role that IoT technologies are playing in Avis Budget Group’s strategy to making mobility more ubiquitous, personalized and convenient.

“The Internet of Things industry gave birth to today’s Internet of Transportation industry which offers significant benefits to consumers, cities and mobility companies like Avis Budget Group,” said Arthur Orduna, chief innovation officer at Avis Budget Group.

“From streamlined operations, to better customer experiences and enhanced data, the IoT is enabling a revolution in urban mobility, and we’re right at the center of it,” Orduna continued.

The IoTC is a business development association for the IoT ecosystem. It is comprised of leading founders, executives and global companies in IoT.

The IoTC said its mission is to ignite the growth of the IoT marketplace by leading the industry’s efforts through strategic partnerships. The organization focuses on five key verticals: connected homes, autos, cities, retail and wearables.

From its acquisition of Zipcar in 2013, to its investment in connected cars, to the rapid adoption of its mobile app and to its pioneering Mobility Lab in Kansas City, Avis Budget Group insisted it has been leveraging IoT technology to offer its customers the most flexible and convenient on-demand mobility options.

“Avis Budget Group is leading the way in connecting cars and customers to its mobility platform, showcasing yet another benefit of the IoT industry,” said Greg Kahn, president and chief executive office of the IoTC. “The company is a great addition to our network, and we look forward to their leadership role on the Smart Cities Task Force.”

Whether it’s a vehicle by the minute, hour, day, week or year; whether you’re driving yourself or being driven; whether it’s a sports car or a sports utility vehicle, Avis Budget Group wants to make mobility available at the tap of an app.

“We’ve really just scratched the surface of what’s possible as we continue to leverage IoT technologies within our platform, our mobile app and our fleet,” Orduna said.

“As today’s connected cars give way to tomorrow’s autonomous cars, the potential for enhancing the customer experience is even more magnified, but it will require deep coordination across the public and private sector, which is why we’re pleased to join IoTC and co-lead a Smart Cities Task Force,” he went on to say.

KAR partners with Jefferson Awards Foundation to honor employee volunteerism

CARMEL, Ind. - 

As a new partner of the Jefferson Awards Foundation (JAF), KAR Auction Services has plans to recognize employees for their volunteer endeavors and dedication to community service early next year.

KAR announced Thursday that it will honor up to six employees who have been nominated by their co-workers to be a  2019 JAF national honoree.

One of the six nominated KAR employees will represent the company at the annual JAF national ceremony in Washington, D.C.

“Giving back to the community is one of KAR’s core values, and something we take very seriously in the areas where we work and live,” KAR chief executive officer and board chairman Jim Hallett said in a news release. “We know that KAR employees are active in their communities in many ways, donating their personal time for local organizations who rely on volunteers. I look forward to celebrating our employees who give back in such meaningful ways and personally thanking them for making a difference.”

It was over two decades ago, in 1972, that JAF was established by former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, former Sen. Robert Taft Jr. and Sam Beard, who has created and chaired programs for seven U.S. presidents.

Each year, JAF honors exemplary volunteers from across the country for the selfless work they perform, as well as the influence that they have on others who join them in their communities. The organization has recognized over 61,000 people since its inception, according to KAR.

“We are thrilled to partner with KAR Auction Services and welcome them into our Champions program,” said JAF CEO Hillary Schafer. “By celebrating outstanding service with employees who impact their communities, KAR Auction Services is setting an incredible example for organizations across the country and will impact lives for years to come.”

iHeartMedia announces partnership to provide market-specific sales insights tool for dealers


Dealership sales and marketing strategies can now benefit from a new solution that delivers sales insights and market share data.

A new tool that offers real-time analytics and insights is now available exclusively through iHeartMedia, which claims to have over 131 million social followers and reach roughly a quarter of a billion broadcast listeners each month.

iHeartMedia has partnered with internet marketing service provider AUTOFLYTE to create AUTOFLYTE EDGE, which provides dealers with daily sales and market share data from their local area, the companies announced in a news release Tuesday.

“We are committed to technology-driven innovation and having the ability to offer even more targeting solutions for our advertisers that leverage the unparalleled local reach of radio,” iHeartMedia executive vice president of automotive business development and partnerships John Karpinski said in a news release. “AUTOFLYTE has partnered with the industry authority for automotive sales statistics to create the most powerful and credible insights tool available, and we have partnered with AUTOFLYTE to bring this revolutionary technology to the market.

“With the new AUTOFLYTE EDGE platform, we will provide our auto partners the ability to break free from previous automotive marketing confinements and use timely information to precisely target new buyers,” said Karpinski.

Furthermore, AUTOFLYTE EDGE is designed to optimize auto dealers' advertising campaigns to help dealerships market both smarter and speedier. Using the new solution's daily sales insights, such as the most recent market dynamics and trends, dealers can easily customize and update their sales and marketing strategies, according to iHeartMedia.

“With iHeartMedia and AUTOFLYTE’s exclusive real-time insights and data, this new tool is nothing short of a game changer for how we do business at our dealership,” said Steve Hurley, owner of Stingray Chevrolet of Plant City, Fla. “For the first time, we are able to specifically tailor our marketing plans based on what our customers want today versus months ago. We’ve been waiting for something like this and are already seeing success.”

iHeartMedia’s move to exclusively provide AUTOFLYTE EDGE and other services stems from iHeartMedia’s ongoing focus to provide brands and marketers solutions for reaching consumers across its roughly quarter of a billion monthly broadcast listeners, the news release said.

In addition to iHeartMedia Analytics, which the company launched in May, other marketing optimization tools iHeartMedia provides include SoundPoint, a programmatic real-time radio ad buying platform and SmartAudio.

Autotrader launches dog search site with in support of National Dog Day


In an effort to help drive the adoption of homeless dogs into loving homes on National Dog Day, Autotrader has introduced a special-edition website for a limited time in partnership with called

The new site marks the brand’s fifth consecutive year of celebrating National Dog Day, coming up this Sunday. 

In addition to being able to search for nearby dogs who are up for adoption in their area, visitors can also find information about vehicle accessories for dogs, pet safety tips and a list of top 10 “Great Cars for Dog Lovers,” Autotrader announced Tuesday.

“We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 vehicles that are the perfect match for dog owners everywhere,” Autotrader executive editor at Brian Moody said in a news release.

“From vehicles with large rear doors and an open cargo floor to second-row fold down seats, each car on our list was selected based on features that are important when drivers are traveling with their four-legged friends.”

Autotrader’s list of top 10 “Great Cars for Dog Lovers includes the:

  1. 2018 Buick Encore
  2. CPO Chevrolet Equinox
  3. 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
  4. Certified Pre-Owned Ford Escape
  5. CPO Honda Fit
  6. 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
  7. 2018 Nissan Kicks
  8. 2018 Subaru Crosstrek
  9. 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback
  10. 2018 Volvo V90

On top of the 10 vehicles Autotrader named, the new provides dog owners with information about extra car accessories for dogs' safety and comfort such as car kennels, rear seat pet hammocks, spill-proof water bowls and pet ramps.

6 dealerships join HyreCar’s ‘Path to Ownership’ program


Following up from arranging a strategic partnership with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, HyreCar — the carsharing marketplace for ridesharing — announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its unique dealer focused “path to ownership” program with stores in six different cities throughout the United States.

The development potentially adds more than 500 vehicles to the platform. Rideshare drivers are now able to rent and drive-to-own vehicles that are listed on the HyreCar platform by participating dealers, which now include:

— Burlington Auto Group, based in Philadelphia

— Sims Mitsubishi in Cleveland

— 1st Place Auto Stores in Dallas

—Don’s Auto Group, based in New Orleans market

—M & S Auto Sales in Atlanta

—Benchmark Auto Sales in Asheville, N.C.

Each dealer location will have a customized driver sign-up kiosk in their showroom to actively promote the HyreCar program.

HyreCar’s aim is to meet an overwhelming dealer demand to enter the mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) industry throughout the U.S. The HyreCar-DriveItAway alliance is now executing a unique dealer program that can give participating dealers the opportunity to offer vehicles to new ridesharing drivers for temporary use, as a means to generate funds towards a down payment for vehicle ownership.

In cooperation with a national ridesharing company, HyreCar’s partner DriveItAway is installing customized sign-up kiosks inside participating dealerships, where potential rideshare drivers can apply to drive. Once approved, drivers can participate in the “Drive for your Down Payment” program.

With this program, new driver candidates are provided a temporary vehicle by the dealership, through the HyreCar dealership platform, to raise money through rideshare driving, for a down payment to buy the vehicle of their choice, regardless of past credit history.

“We see this program as a win for everyone,” said Wayne Hileman, owner of Burlington Auto Group, one of the pilot dealers to launch this program. “We make money supplying temporary vehicles, and in the process, nurture a new customer to buy a vehicle.

“We are delighted to empower new rideshare drivers to purchase a vehicle through the ‘on-demand’ employment opportunity provided by the ridesharing company,” Hileman continued. “Additionally, the rideshare company gets a new, loyal driver, dedicated to building his or her own driving business.”

The combination of these six stores joining up with NIADA members, HyreCar chief executive officer Joe Furnari is upbeat on the company's future, which also has executed a successful initial public offering.

“The reception to our dealer enabling program has been overwhelming,” Furnari said. “As a result, we are mobilizing very quickly to meet dealer demand all over the United States. These dealer additions will help us meet the increasing demand for ridesharing-approved vehicles, while also adding additional vehicles to our growing platform.”

New platform combines J.D. Power, Nielsen insights to help marketers attract 'high-value audiences'


To provide automotive marketers a boost in advertising effectiveness and measurement, a new marketing and measurement platform now blends the capabilities of Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s technology with J.D. Power’s car-buyer intelligence and insights.

The companies announced the launch of the new Nielsen Auto Cloud marketing and measurement platform powered by J.D. Power on Monday.

Via the new cloud technology solution, in addition to omnichannel advertising and campaign measurement features, automotive advertisers can directly access audience data from Nielsen with buyer insights from J.D. Power, the company said.

“We are thrilled to launch this game-changing automotive solution with J.D. Power,” Nielsen executive vice president Damian Garbaccio said in a news release. “The Nielsen Auto Cloud’s combination of data, technology and measurement capabilities is unique to the auto advertising world.

“Auto marketers can now be more responsive to changes in buying behavior, more personalized with their advertising and content, better at measuring outcomes, and—ultimately—more efficient with their media investments,” Garbaccio said.

 Marketers can target audiences and personalize advertising messages using detailed insights from Nielsen and J.D. Power that's related to vehicle features, buying stage, brand affinities, media engagement, geo-location and device type, according to J.D. Power.

“Nielsen and J.D. Power are ushering in a new era for the auto industry,” said Bernardo Rodriguez, J.D. Power’s chief digital officer. “We’re empowering auto marketers with immediately actionable intelligence ... whether for consumer insights, cross-media planning and targeting, or campaign measurement.”

Meanwhile, in addition to having the ability to plan and activate car-buyer audiences across TV and digital, both Nielsen Auto Cloud’s always-on frequency management and in-flight analytics capabilities allow users to measure and control what types of ads people see throughout each ad campaigns’ run.

Furthermore, J.D. Power said that the new platform is also fitted with campaign measurement and optimization capabilities that can help clients react to buying behavior changes instantly.

“The Nielsen Auto Cloud gives us incredible access to granular data from Nielsen complemented by insights from J.D. Power, allowing us to create high-value audiences for our clients,” said The Interpublic Group of Companies global chief data and marketing technology officer Arun Kumar. “With this, we will strengthen our audience measurement platform, improving our ability to target car-buyers based on a variety of criteria including their preferred brands, car models, styles and features. That means better performing media investments for our auto clients, more innovative marketing solutions, and ultimately, better consumer experiences.”

HyreCar forms strategic partnership with NIADA


HyreCar continues to make inroads into established segments of the automotive industry.

The start-up designed to create a carsharing marketplace for ridesharing and the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) have entered into a strategic partnership, through its alliance with DriveItAway, a current NIADA National Member Benefits partner.

HyreCar’s aim is to meet what it calls an “overwhelming” dealer demand to enter the mobility as a service (MaaS) industry throughout the U.S. by serving the NIADA’s 17,000 dealership members. Association leadership said this partnership expansion continues NIADA’s commitment to helping member auto dealers better understand, and provide critical resources to implement a successful MaaS business.

“For the past six months, we’ve been speaking at trade events such as the NIADA Convention about the opportunities dealers have to profitably expand into new areas of shared mobility, particularly in providing temporary used vehicles to new Lyft drivers as a path to ownership,” DriveItAway founder and chief executive officer John Possumato said. “We were overwhelmed by the number of dealers who wanted in, to start up with us right away.

“Our new integration with HyreCar allows us immediate access to an experienced, dedicated team to scale our program right away, so we can now turn those dealers on to new profit opportunities without any delay in building out infrastructure,” Possumato continued.

 DriveItAway can provide NIADA members with the tools to offer a subscription model car sharing platform. The partnership with HyreCar adds seamless turnkey self-service software, all insurance coverages and training to allow dealers to quickly and profitably add a cents-per-mile model to the traditional one car sale/one profit scenario.

 NIADA members using DriveItAway's turnkey program can also offer the Lyft Your Down Payment program, which provides new Lyft drivers with immediate temporary vehicles to drive at a daily or weekly rate as a path to ownership, allowing them to raise money for a down payment to buy the vehicle of their choice — offered by the participating dealership.

“We are continuing to build partnerships with automotive industry leaders to drive our mission of building roads to financial freedom,” HyreCar CEO Joe Furnari said. “We are excited to become the mobility solution for independent dealers who want to tap into the growing car sharing industry through the DriveItAway NIADA National Member Benefit program.”

NIADA senior vice president of member services Scott Lilja said working with DriveItAway's dealer program, now greatly expanded through its relationship with HyreCar, gives NIADA members the opportunity to create an immediate new profit center, expand their portfolio of qualified buyers and sell more vehicles.

“This partnership expansion continues our commitment to helping our member auto dealers better understand, and to provide critical resources to implement, a successful mobility as a service business,” he said. “DriveItAway and HyreCar tools and resources provide our members with an invaluable and profitable experience in this expanding business sector, all within their current dealership infrastructure and without having to make substantial investments.”

For interested dealers, NIADA will be hosting an educational webinar on Thursday beginning at noon ET. To register, go to .