Partnerships and Integration

CDK adds KBB Trusted Advisor to partner program


Kelley Blue Book’s Trusted Advisor Program is now available through the CDK Global Partner Program, the company announced Thursday.

The KBB Trusted Advisor Program is now part of a marketplace of applications and integrations developed to help automotive dealers compete.

Partners can integrate with a range of CDK applications and CDK dealer websites.

KBB’s newly introduced Trusted Advisor Program is designed to educate both dealers and car shoppers through a full-suite integration across both digital and print marketing platforms, according to the company.

“Teaming up with CDK provides dealer customers with the KBB tools they need to help alleviate pain points often associated with both sides of the transaction,” KBB general manager Mike Sadowski said in a news release

“The KBB Trusted Advisor Program helps instill confidence at all points of the sale through more transparency and the availability of trusted valuation information backed by more than 90 years of experience, helping move vehicles faster.”

In addition to a choice of KBB trade valuation solutions, platforms currently available through the Trusted Advisor Program include KBB inventory pricing analysis reports and a marketing assets web portal designed to support dealers’ advertising and marketing demands.

“We’re very pleased to introduce KBB as the newest member of the CDK Global Partner Program," said Howard Gardner, vice president and general manager of CDK Data Services. “KBB and its Trusted Advisor Program is a welcome addition to our vibrant program that provides dealers with a range of partner choices and the assurance that their programs can be seamlessly integrated with our applications.”

HyreCar and DriveItAway partner to present dealers with mobility as a service option


Dealers now have another option to put their inventory to work more than just having those vehicles sit idly on the blacktop.

On Tuesday, HyreCar and DriveItAway announced a strategic partnership, allowing automotive retailers across the United States to access a collaborative turnkey solution to generate additional revenue through mobility as a service and shared mobility/subscriptions.

The companies say the mobility as a service market is expected to grow in the U.S. to a $358.35 billion market by 2025, from $38.6 billion in 2017. The HyreCar-DriveItAway partnership allows DriveItAway affiliated franchised and independent dealers to immediately list their vehicles on the HyreCar platform, extending a new opportunity to dealers in 34 states Washington, D.C.

“Our program offers the best of everything, today, for a car dealer,” DriveItAway chief executive officer John Possumato said. “By providing a new, easily managed shared mobility department, our dealers are preparing for the ‘mobility as a service’ future which will allow a quick and efficient way to create new scalable revenue streams.

“Most importantly, we are also introducing a new customer base for the store for vehicles sales and fixed operations,” Possumato continued. As a ‘path to ownership’ to our driver customers, we are enabling new buyers to the store, not ‘poaching’ current prospects in the market.”

DriveItAway has positioned itself as a provider in dealership-focused shared mobility solutions. Possumato, through DriveItAway conceived and created the “Lyft Your Down Payment” program and the “Drive For Your Down Payment” program, where dealers can implement a rental program for ridesharing drivers who want to raise money to buy a vehicle.

These programs can create a “path to ownership” which, in turn, can lead to more vehicle sales and more fixed operations revenue for the store. Possumato discussed the program during an episode of the AuSM Podcast available at the bottom of this page.

“This partnership underscores our mission to building roads to financial freedom,” said Joe Furnari, chief executive officer of HyreCar. “We are focused on creating strategic alliances that expand our supply of vehicles, which will provide us with the infrastructure to scale.

“We are excited to become the franchise solution for vehicle suppliers who want to tap into the growing mobility industry,” Furnari added.

Automotive retailers and remarketers interested in shared mobility services can learn more at

Possumato went on to say, “HyreCar recognized the vital demand for carsharing for ridesharing, and DriveItAway was the first company to recognize that automotive retailers, and the facilities and skills they have in place, are a critical part of shared mobility of the future.

“Over the last few months, we have been overwhelmed with dealer interest in our program all over the U.S. This partnership is a natural fit to enable all dealers throughout the nation to quickly onboard with a seamless turnkey solution,” he said.

LeasePlan and Allego collaborate on EV charging stations

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - 

Two companies are collaborating to ease concerns about “range anxiety.”

LeasePlan, a global leader in Car-as-a-Service, and charging solution provider Allego, recently announced a new partnership to provide LeasePlan electric vehicle (EV) customers with access to personal charge points at home and at work, accelerating the transition to zero emission mobility.

Officials highlighted the charge points can be used for all EVs, enable load-balancing and offer automatic reimbursement.

Under the agreement, LeasePlan’s EV drivers will also receive a charge card giving them access to more than 65,000 charging points across Europe, helping to address driver “range anxiety” — one of the key factors these company pointed to as holding back a zero-emission mobility revolution.

The scheme will initially be rolled out in in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. Allego will install charge points at both the driver’s home and office, as well as handling the ongoing management and maintenance.

LeasePlan customers will also be able to access Allego’s EV Cloud Services Platform, which provides access to billing, monitoring and analytics services.

“Starting electric is one of the simplest things we can all do to help tackle climate change,” LeasePlan chief executive officer Tex Gunning said.

“Through our partnership with Allego, we can now offer our customers not just electric cars, but a comprehensive EV solution, making the transition to electric mobility hassle free. It can be done with the stroke of a pen,” Gunning continued.

Allego chief executive officer Anja van Niersen added, “We’re proud to be a partner of LeasePlan. With our new partnership, we will not only enable LeasePlan to provide branded charging solutions to their customers, but also provide their EV drivers with access to more than 65,000 charging stations across Europe.

“From now on, LeasePlan’s EV drivers will only need one card to experience true cross-border mobility,” van Niersen went on to say.

CarSoup adds attribution tech to help dealers credit marketing sources

COLUMBUS, Ohio - has integrated fresh multi-touch attribution technology in an effort to help dealers verify which particular marketing sources are helping them move metal on the site.

The company announced Monday that dealers can get an increased holistic view of how their vehicles sell on the site via Clarivoy’s Attribution API software.

CarSoup is a national marketplace  to  buy, research and sell inventory, and has about 6 million new- and used-vehicle listings combined. 

The site is populated by 20,0000- dealers and thousands of private sellers who post cars for sale on the site. 

In addition to data on vendor website traffic, attribution technology from Clarivoy can provide dealers with insight on how each vendor and marketing source has performed each month.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Clarivoy. With Clarivoy’s new Attribution API, we can finally show performance according to the amount of sold vehicles that have in the buyer’s purchase journey.” CarSoup president Brian Bowman said in a news release. “Dealers will no longer be reliant on salespeople to properly source where a buyer came from. This enables us to consult with our dealers and provide data they can trust. As a result, our dealers know they are spending their marketing budget in the right place; thus, we can truly prove our value.”

Furthermore, CarSoup suggested that the latest attribution technology from the Clarivoy goes a step further than last-click attribution models to ensure that proper credit is awarded to the specific marketing sources that are responsible for swaying a customer’s vehicle purchase.

Clarivoy’s API software uses proprietary technology to match a person to multiple devices across multiple channels.

“Our Attribution API software provides dealers with monthly visibility into the total number of vehicles sales that our Attribution API partners influenced each month. This will allow, armed with more data, to consult with their dealers to improve their results,” Steve White, chief executive officer at Clarivoy, said in the news release. 

DealerSocket approves new DealerStar integration for sales, service tools


DealerStar DMS is the latest company to be certified by DealerSocket CRM for integration.

To save both time and double entries, automotive dealerships can now push a deal from DealerSocket directly to the DealerStar DMS in real-time.

With dealership’s vehicle inventory service and sales history from DealerStar, DealerSocket CRM users can use insights gained from the data to sell and service additional vehicles.

“Older DMS systems only send the vehicle inventory at night to their CRM provider,” said Sandi Jerome, president of DealerStar DMS. “DealerStar’s real-time vehicle inventory sync means that if you get in a dozen new vehicles today, they are in the DealerSocket system today – instead of tomorrow.”

Furthermore, DealerStar also announced Monday that it has recently acquired an enhanced customer sync integration with DealerSocket in addition to integrations for dealership sales and service departments.

“Duplicate customers are a real problem when you have two different databases,” added Sandi Jerome. “With our DealerSocket integration, the DealerStar system checks for a customer in DealerSocket, and when the DealerStar user makes changes in DealerStar or adds a new customer, that is immediately sent to DealerSocket.”

Vin-UP Offer Tickets now include KBB trade values


Service valets and advisers who are equipped with Vin-UP portable scanners and printers now have the option to give vehicle owners in the service drive more robust information that could eventually help enhance the dealership’s used-vehicle inventory.

A Vin-UP Offer Ticket now displays the latest Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value of that vehicle. Vin-UP Distributor Mobility Sales Solutions highlighted that dealers also have the option of offering incentives to that customer and discuss the sale of their vehicle, potentially helping stores to substantially increase their stock of quality pre-owned inventory.

“Your strongest ‘leads’ drive in and out of the service lane every day, and the Vin-UP program gives the service customer an excellent starting point to consider selling their vehicle,” said Bruno Lucarelli, president of U.S. Vin-UP Distributor Mobility Sales Solutions.

“Other service lane equity programs ‘lead with the sale,’ which we now know is confirming a customer’s worst fears about entering a dealership,” Lucarelli continued. “The Vin-UP approach ‘leads with the offer,’ a business model more indicative of the ‘Amazon experience’ providing valuable information upfront to customers that creates a more informed and customer-centric decision. Vin-UP starts the ‘sales conversation’ better than any other program available, and offering trusted Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Values adds to the customer’s comfort level.”

Vin-UP can allow dealers to target vehicles up to 20 years old for instant purchase. Vin-UP is available as a monthly web-based portal subscription that includes all hardware.

And now Kelley Blue Book is part of the solution.

“With up-to-date and data-driven trade-in value information readily available, buyers and sellers can make a more confident decision about a vehicle,” said Damon Bennett, senior director of syndication for Kelley Blue Book.

“Both parties also come to the table with the same information, helping facilitate the negotiation with ease, using valuations backed by more than 90 years of experience,” Bennett added.

More details about Mobility Sales Solutions can be found at ​​.

DriveItNow integrates 'shop-by-payment tool' with DealerPeak's cloud-based solution for dealers

ORLANDO, Fla. - 

Automotive digital marketing and retailing technology provider DriveItNow’s patent-pending Shop-by-Payment digital marketing tool has been integrated into DealerPeak’s recently launched CarDog Solutions websites for independent dealers.

From DealerPeak’s unified Web-based platform, online visitors can access DriveItNow's Shop-by-Payment tool to determine what combination of vehicles and finance programs they qualify for in real-time, the company announced Tuesday.

“DealerPeak recently launched CarDog Solutions, a cloud-based mobile-first technology solution,” DealerPeak's chief product officer Rick McLey explained in a news release.

“We’re including websites, SEO, inventory pricing, photo and description management, CRM, automated processes, notifications, desking, evaluations, SMS, Telephony, call recording and reporting, all in a single real-time management tool.”

Meanwhile, the Shop-by-Payment tool is designed to calculate factors including based on a customer's desired payment, personalized soft-pull credit bureau information, trade-in equity, bank finance programs and VIN-specific dealer inventory.

“DriveItNow's Shop-by-Payment solution drives sales to our dealership like no other marketing tool we use,” added NIADA member Scott Shook from Shook Automotive.

Additionally, this week, DealerPeak representatives will be at the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association convention in Orlando, Fla., for a live product demonstration at booth No.1111.

“Independent dealers are playing catch-up with regard to digital marketing and retailing,” DriveItNow president Tarry Shebesta said. “Franchise dealers have been using digital services like DriveItNow and DealerPeak with great success for many years.

“Now, through our partnership, DriveItNow and DealerPeak can offer Independents an affordable service tailor-made for them that helps them compete head-to-head in the online automotive marketplace.”

Auto/Mate DMS integration aims to simplify car transaction process across 5 states

ALBANY, N.Y.  - 

Dealers managing vehicle-to-government (V2Gov) transactions across five select states can now more easily manage tax, title and registration processes by way of a new DMS integration with Auto/Mate Dealership Systems.

Via its integration program, Open/Mate, Auto/Mate announced Monday that Vitu dealers who are interested in streamlining their registration and titling process for new and used vehicles can now retrieve deal data, as well as obtain temporary tags and virtual reports of sale in real-time.

Developed by Motor Vehicle Software Corporation (MVSC), Vitu currently operates in California, Oregon, Illinois, Virginia and Montana.

“Regulatory requirements are difficult to keep up with, but the Vitu platform makes it easy with new technologies that support the changing needs of state departments of motor vehicles and dealerships,” Auto/Mate president and chief executive officer Mike Esposito said in a news release.

Along with the transparency, accuracy and security that Vitu is designed to supply, the platform can also help users easily identify and track vehicle title status listings, according to Auto/Mate.

“Integration with a top-tier DMS provider allows us to expand our customer base and help dealerships improve the efficiency of necessary, but time-consuming tasks,” added Joe Nemelka, president and chief operating officer at Vitu. “The integration process with Auto/Mate's DMS was inexpensive, fast and painless.”

In addition to Vitu, MVSC is also the provider of California's DMVdesk electronic registration and titling solution.

Mazda teams with CCC to enhance recall notification and repairs


Mazda is taking an extra step to ensure recalled vehicles it has manufactured are repaired, especially units with faulty Takata airbags.

CCC Information Services announced on Wednesday that it is working with Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) to address vehicle safety, creating a new method for the automaker to identify recalled vehicles and help third-party repairers notify affected vehicle owners so that necessary, safety-related repairs can be made at franchised dealerships. 

MNAO said it is ensuring that its Takata airbag recall data is uploaded to the CCC ONE Platform, which alerts collision repair providers when the vehicle they’re working on is part of a participating manufacturer recall.

If an open recall is detected, collision repairers are encouraged to inform the vehicle owner and supply a printed copy of the manufacturer’s recall notification. Mazda dealerships then perform all recall repairs for free.

Collision repairers across the country use the CCC ONE platform to write millions of estimates annually. By utilizing the CCC solution, MNAO is able to identify those vehicles and vehicle owners affected by the Takata airbag recall, since implementing the system in March.

“Vehicle and driver safety is our top priority,” said Robert Davis, senior vice president of special assignments for MNAO. “In the event a recall situation arises, we want to move fast, notifying drivers through as many channels as possible.

“The recall solution offered by CCC gives us another avenue to reach drivers of affected vehicles, who may not be aware of a potential recall, or whose vehicles have not yet been repaired,” Davis continued. “With so many collision repairers in the U.S. using the CCC solution every day, we found that CCC is an ideal partner for this important initiative.”

Jim Kinsherf, vice president of the OEM group at CCC added, “Mazda has expressed its commitment to vehicle safety, and we’re pleased to assist them and their drivers with these important recall notifications.

“As vehicle complexity has increased, the industry has also seen the number of recalls increase,” Kinsherf went on to say. “Since launching our recall notification system in October 2016, we have detected more than 1.2 million recalls on our platform with a closure rate of nearly 40 percent.

“By supporting auto manufacturers in their recall efforts, we can help them make our roadways safer; a win for the consumer and a win for the industry,” he concluded.

Car and Driver adds mobile messaging to listings platform


Mobile messaging is now available on Car and, via Contact At Once! technology that can foster direct consumer-to-dealer connections from vehicle detail pages on Car and Driver’s vehicle listings platform.

Contact At Once!, a LivePerson company and Car and Driver provider Hearst Autos, announced Tuesday that the companies have partnered to add mobile messaging capabilities to Car and dealers' VDPs.

This follows the Car and Driver's April announcement that it added a Trade-In Value tool and a Credit Score tool to make the buying process easier for both dealers and consumers.

When it comes to building relationships between auto shoppers and dealers, Contact At Once! solutions are designed to help shoppers directly text and chat with dealers.

“This partnership further transforms Car and Driver, the most trusted resource for automotive research, into the ultimate car shopping experience,” Hearst Autos senior director product innovation Brian Abrams said in a news release. “Chat and text are effective, natural ways for consumers and dealers to communicate. Adding messaging to our dealers’ VDPs enables car buyers to have their questions answered faster, which will ultimately improve the relationship between the buyer and the dealer.”

At no additional cost, dealers who advertise their inventory on Car and can now opt into the new chat and text program powered by Contact At Once!, according to the company.

“In some of our most recent analysis, we see consumers favoring messaging over other types of communication when they are in market for a new car,” said Denise Chudy, Contact At Once! general manager. “Car and is one of the most recognized brands in the automotive space, and we think it is a natural next step to enable shoppers to text and chat with dealers directly from the site.”

Contact At Once! said it has more than 17,000 businesses currently leveraging its solutions that are designed to connect mobile shoppers.