TradeRev organizes free transportation for Houston-area dealers

CARMEL, Ind. - 

TradeRev found a way to help dealerships that are still trying to get their businesses back in order after Hurricane Harvey.

On Tuesday, TradeRev launched a special offer to help Houston-area dealers replenish inventory lost during the Category 4 storm. For a limited time, Houston-area dealers will receive free transportation through CarsArrive Network on any vehicle purchased on TradeRev from Texas, Oklahoma and Florida.

The company hopes this will alleviate some of the financial pressure dealers are experiencing while helping them quickly source high-quality units to meet surging consumer demand. TradeRev and CarsArrive Network are both business units of KAR Auction Services.

“KAR’s auctions and affiliated business units have played an active role in the hurricane relief efforts, and we’ve witnessed the hardships our customers are facing first-hand,” said Becca Polak, TradeRev president and chief legal officer and secretary for KAR Auction Services.

“Using TradeRev will help Houston dealers source inventory more quickly and conveniently from a broader seller-base than the local auctions. And the CarsArrive promotion is one way we could show our support and help dealers rebuild their businesses,” Polak continued.

This free shipping offer ends Nov. 30. The company explained it is limited to buying dealers located in Texas ZIP codes impacted by Hurricane Harvey. For more information on the zip codes eligible and offer restrictions, visit the news section on

“CarsArrive is proud to partner with TradeRev to help our shared customers in Houston recover and rebuild,” said Michael Briggs, president of CarsArrive Network and RDN. “We have strong, long-standing relationships in Houston, and we want to see this great automotive market back on its feet as quickly as possible.”

Groupe PSA launches app for car-sharing options in Seattle


Groupe PSA, owner of car brands Peugeot, Citroen and Opel, announced Wednesday that it has launched Free2Move, an app on which users can compare the location, characteristics and operating costs of available transportation options, in Seattle.

This is the company’s first U.S. market launch. The Free2Move app is currently available in France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and Sweden.

“We’re pleased to announce today that we will begin our North American operations in Seattle,” Groupe PSA senior vice president of mobility Brigitte Courtehoux said in a news release. “As we begin to add more providers and roll out to new cities, Free2Move will enrich the lives of Americans who embrace innovative, non-traditional forms of transportation.”

With Free2Move, consumers can both schedule and instantly access various transportation options while on the go.

The smartphone-based mobility aggregation platform features offerings from companies like Car2Go, Zipcar and TravelCar.

“The decision to launch a service that helps people move around in the most efficient way underscores our commitment to the future of Groupe PSA,” said Larry Dominique, Groupe PSA North America president and chief executive officer.

“As mobility services evolve and innovate based on the way people think about and consume mobility, bringing Free2Move stateside provides us with a unique way to address consumer demands, as well as a flexible platform to roll out future products,” he explained.

In Seattle, Groupe PSA said the launch of Free2Move helps support the city’s recent efforts to develop efficient mobility in the area.

Bike-sharing services like Ofo Bike, Lime Bike and Spin Bike will be added to Free2Move over the next 60-days, according to the company.

COMMENTARY: ELD mandate will impact used-vehicle transport


The auto industry enjoyed record sales in 2016, but a mid-year report from Urban Science shows that per-store sales are likely to slow in 2017. With dealers watching their profit margins, they may not be aware of a national development that could impact vehicle-transport costs.

In 2015 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a mandate for all commercial interstate vehicles to have an electronic logging device by December 18, 2017.

The intent of ELDs is to accurately gauge compliance with laws regulating hours of operation, mostly affecting long-range truckers. Those laws are part of an effort to reduce the number of accidents involving commercial vehicles, especially those due to driver fatigue.

According to several reports, most truck operators have yet to install an ELD, and efforts in the U.S. Congress to delay the implementation date have failed to gain any traction.

The new mandate has its supporters and detractors, with some pointing to the estimated $1.6 billion per year savings for the industry by limiting paperwork costs and enhancing fuel efficiency. Others say the cost of purchasing and installing ELDs will negate those projected savings.

New Requirements

So, if the Dec. 18 deadline stands, truckers will have to factor in these considerations:

  • All trucks with an engine model year of 2000 or later (regardless of the truck model year) will need to comply and install an ELD. There are an estimated 3.5 million trucks that fit that description.
  • One ELD provider estimates that the devices will cost carriers between $199 and $2,200 per truck, a monthly service fee of $20 to $60 per truck.
  • Truckers who currently use an automated on-board recording device get a two-year extension before they have to switch to ELDs.

Implications for used-car dealers

Auto dealers will likely be impacted by the new mandate in several ways:

  • The cost of transport will likely increase. One industry analyst is advising truck drivers to raise their rates by 1 percent per mile.
  • There may be some sticker shock right around Dec. 18. Truckers with ELDs know they have an advantage over noncompliant trucks and may use that as a bargaining chip to ask for higher rates during the first few months.
  • There is a slight chance of delayed delivery times for two reasons: 1) truckers with ELDs stopping when they hit their limit of driving hours; and 2) noncompliant trucks being detained and cited for not adhering to the new rules.
  • Industry watchers say the new costs and regulations will cause some operators (potentially up to 26 percent) to leave trucking altogether, adding to the current driver shortage. This would mean fewer long-haul drivers, leading to even higher costs and longer delivery times.

A good auto-transport company will work with you to maximize loads and provide the most cost-efficient service possible. It may mean sharing loads or combining purchases with other dealers in your area. You can always a transport company for a free shipping quote, but in the meantime you should start factoring in increased transport costs in your 2017 budget.

Melissa Trautman is vice president of marketing strategy and integration for MetroGistics (). 

2 components of Ready Logistics’ new efficiency solution

GILBERT, Ariz. - 

Ready Logistics highlighted that the company is trying to bring a new level of automation and transparency to the manual process-oriented vehicle transportation sector with the launch of the HUB, a centralized communication platform that is geared to increase efficiency for clients.

By automating procedures that typically delay vehicle movement, Ready Logistics explained that the HUB can improve the carrier pickup process, speeds delivery and provides real-time insights.

“The vehicle logistics business hasn’t changed much in decades, using a manual process to get cars from point A to point B,” said Patrick Brennan, senior vice president of logistics at Cox Automotive.

“At Ready Logistics, we’re on a mission to make it faster and easier for clients to move vehicles from anywhere to everywhere — and the HUB is an example of how we’re doing it,” Brennan continued in a news release.

The Ready Logistics HUB’s two main tools are designed to increase efficiency across the transportation process:

—The Vehicle Assessment HUB can allow location agents to provide 24/7 status updates, enabling carriers to experience a seamless pickup process and improve days to deliver. It also can send instant notifications that eliminate the need for phone calls to determine vehicle location.

Additionally, this tool can offer improved reporting and greater visibility into which locations are performing to ensure timely and accurate pickups.

—The My Vehicles HUB can enable clients to access real-time status and the order history of their units in the Ready Logistics transportation system, eliminating the need to a representative.

The tool’s dashboard can allow clients to search VINs, export vehicle lists, view stats and average days to deliver, as well as track the performance of origination locations.

“The more we automate the transportation process and deliver valuable insights, the quicker our clients can get vehicles onto the frontlines of their dealerships or into an auction to be sold,” Brennan said.

MetroGistics appoints new HR director


MetroGistics has brought aboard new director of human resources Lainey Strohmeyer, who most recently served as director of human resources for Intelliteach.

Strohmeyer is certified as a senior professional in human resources by the HR Certification Institute and a senior certified professional by the Society for Human Resource Management with more than 12 years of experience in recruiting and human resources.

In her new role, Strohmeyer will oversee the integration of former AmeriFleet staff and operations, which MetroGistics Holdings and its equity partner Tailwind Capital acquired earlier this year.

“We are pleased to add a top-notch professional such as Lainey to our growing management team,” MetroGistics co-founder and managing partner William Billiter said in a news release. “Her skills, experience and enthusiasm will serve us well as our company continues to grow both organically and through strategic business opportunities.”

Prior to Intelliteac, Strohmeyer worked at Kozeny & McCubbin, and Convergys. She is also a member of the Human Resource Management Association of Greater Saint Louis.

Strohmeyer resides in University City, Mo., and is both on the Steering Committee of the Humane Society of Missouri’s Women’s Leadership Council and an active volunteer with the Humane Society of Missouri’s Kennel Enrichment program, according to MetroGistics.

NextGear, Ready Logistics partner on transport finance tool

CARMEL, Ind. - 

NextGear Capital and Ready Logistics have partnered to develop a transportation financing solution designed to help independent dealers free up cash flow and simplify their business operations, the two Cox Automotive brands recently announced.

The new transportation financing solution allows clients of both brands to buy, floor and transport vehicles all in one transaction using a deferred payment option that puts transportation costs on hold until the vehicle is sold.

“The power of Cox Automotive is that we can work across our brands to develop solutions that help dealers streamline and grow their business,” NextGear Capital senior vice president of operations Randy Dohse said in a news release announcing the partnership. “Our goal is to make clients more profitable by increasing the speed and ease of buying and selling vehicles, and bringing transportation financing to independent dealers is a prime example of how we’re doing just that.”

There are no additional fees associated with this new offering. After purchasing their financed vehicle, dealers only pay NextGear Capital for transportation purchase and any interest on the cost of the transportation financing, according to the company.

“Not only does this process make our accounting easier, it saves me a considerable amount of working capital and creates the possibility to reinvest those dollars elsewhere in the business,” said Asif Aziz, owner of Reliance Motors.

Additionally, following a transaction, dealers can now see transport costs for a vehicle upfront and take advantage of a quick in-lane or online checkout.

“Ready Logistics has always made it easier for dealers to move a vehicle, and now we’ve further improved the process by cutting out a step,” added Patrick Brennan, senior vice president of logistics at Cox Automotive. “The end result is a simplified transaction that delivers two things clients value: more time back and better cash flow.”

CarsArrive buys Dependable Auto Shippers

CARMEL, Ind.  - 

It’s another big acquisition in the KAR Auction Services family, this time in the vehicle shipping platform segment of its business.

And one that gives it a presence in consumer-ordered car transport.

KAR subsidiary CarsArrive Network has purchased the vehicle transportation business of Dependable Auto Shippers, the parent company said in a news release Wednesday.

Through the purchase of DAS, CarsArrive — an automated used-vehicle hauling solution that delivers more than 2 million cars annually — broadens its reach into the consumer market.

“CarsArrive has developed a leading portfolio of products and services that help dealers, wholesalers, fleet managers and other commercial customers ship their vehicles safely and efficiently,” said CarsArrive and Recovery Database Network chief executive Michael Briggs in a news release.

“We are excited to bring our strong history, expertise and commitment to quality and service to meet the vehicle shipping needs of consumers,” he said.

So what’s at play with this deal?  

The company points to rising consumer demand for transport and logistics, driven by online car purchases, especially for cars sold by dealers to consumers. There is also transport/logistics demand to help consumers with relocation and similar personal needs.

CarsArrive had already been providing vehicle delivery to private homes on behalf of dealers, but now consumers will be able to order that directly thanks to the DAS purchase.

“If there’s a vehicle to be moved in any channel for any customer, CarsArrive wants to be there to move it,” Briggs said. “Consumer-centricity is the next phase in our evolution, and we’ll bring the strength and confidence of the entire KAR platform to help us deliver value, convenience and exceptional service.”


Maven expands NYC operations


Since introducing its services to 17 cities in the past year-and-a-half, Maven has expanded its operations in New York City in order to offer residents Maven City, its fully connected car-sharing solution, the General Motors brand announced on Monday.

"New York City has been part of the fabric of Maven since we launched the brand here in 2015," General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven vice president Julia Steyn said in a news release. "The addition of Maven City car-sharing is an opportunity to showcase what we have learned. We crafted this experience with residents of the city in mind and see this as becoming part of the lifestyle of New Yorkers."

Maven City features technology fitted vehicles that are available for on-demand rental.

All vehicles include 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, according to Maven. Drivers can also access Maven 24/7 advisor support via OnStar to roadside assistance or emergency help.

Maven said the expansion will specifically make more than 80 car-sharing vehicles available across Manhattan for hourly or daily reservations via Maven City.

“Maven will continue to expand into the boroughs and throughout the city to provide cars around the corner from where New Yorkers live, work and play,” the company said.

The group of U.S. cities Maven currently operates in includes: Ann Arbor, Mich., Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Toyota honors Union Pacific with 9th award

OMAHA, Neb. - 

Union Pacific has earned the 2016 Toyota Logistics Excellence Award in customer service for the ninth consecutive year, along with the automaker's Kaizen Excellence Award in recognition of excellence in continuous improvement, the company announced on Monday.

"We’re honored to receive the inaugural Kaizen award, demonstrating our dedication to continuous improvement, efficiency and shipment quality," Union Pacific's vice president and automotive general manager Jennifer Hamann said in a news release. "It is also a privilege to receive Toyota's Logistics Excellence Award in Customer Service year after year, as it reflects our unwavering commitment to provide an excellent customer experience."

This is the first year Toyota has honored a railroad with its Kaizen award, according to Union Pacific.

The company said it has followed Toyota’s problem-solving process to secure damage-free loading at the Benicia, Calif., auto ramp.

Union Pacific’s rail network connects 23 states in the western two-thirds of the country.

JMN fills new transportation manager position


JMN Transportation recently announced that as a result of increased growth, the company created a transportation manager position that has been filled by Alex Vedder, who transitioned from his previous role as regional manager of JMN’s Georgia locations.

In his new role as transportation manager, Vedder will be tasked with overseeing the operational and financial elements of the JMN’s fleet division and directly connecting with the company’s customers to build and maintain positive working relations, according to JMN.

“Alex has demonstrated his ability to get the job done year in and year out,” JMN owner and chief executive officer Jon Nuckolls said. “His loyalty and dedication, coupled with his extensive knowledge should acclimate Alex into his new role quickly.” 

Vedder has more than 25 years of experience within the transportation industry and has spent 9 with JMN. Throughout his career, he has held positions such as regional inventory manager and operations manager with various auto hauler companies.

Additionally, JMN has had a recent uptick in recruiting and adopted several other new positions. The company said the recent opening of multiple Drive Away locations has generated more than 150 new employees since this past August.

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