AuSM Canada Staff

While pinpointing six potential benefits, NextGear Capital on Thursday launched a multi-channel funding portal to offer customers its custom point-of-sale inventory financing solutions. Cox Automotive Canada’s financial services brand highlighted this portal will be available through NextGear Capital’s... Read More

Prices for Dealertrack's top-funded cars see boost

AuSM Canada Staff

Last month, Dealertrack Canada saw prices for used-vehicles in its network rise significantly. The average cash price of the Top 10 Funded Used Vehicles in its online credit application network experienced an annual increase of 4.84 percent last month, the company said. Nine out of the 10 top vehicles experienced... Read More

AuSM Staff

AutoCanada announced two agreements last week that will result in the company having direct ownership and control of five General Motors Canada dealerships, with CanadaOne Auto Group having the same in four others. Here’s how that shakes out. AutoCanada executed a Public Company Master Agreement with GM Canada.... Read More

AuSM Canada Staff

What has been a staple of its used-vehicle analysis in the United States is now coming to Canada. As Black Book has compiled in the U.S., Canadian Black Book announced today the release of its first Used Vehicle Retention Index for Canada. Editors highlighted the index will serve to offer what they called... Read More

New Audi Canada president comes aboard in January

AuSM Canada Staff

When 2018 begins, a new leader will be at the helm of Audi Canada. The automaker announced on Tuesday that Giorgio Delucchi will be joining Audi Canada as president on Jan. 8, succeeding Daniel Weissland, who has been promoted to managing director of Volkswagen Group Canada. Delucchi is presently the sales director... Read More

CARPROOF cooks up innovation in Kitchener product lab

Joe Overby, Senior Editor

At the home of CARPROOF’s new Product Lab at the Communitech Hub in Kitchener, Ontario, it has a wide array of neighbors, amid the exposed brick and converted factory feel.  There are massive, established names like General Motors, Thomson Reuters and Blackberry, small to midsize companies like CARPROOF, and... Read More

AuSM Canada Staff

Cox Automotive Canada announced Tuesday that is has launched a new campaign to bring attention to the numerous preventable accidents caused by distracted and impaired driving. As part of the campaign, Cox Automotive Canada has created three videos in both French and English for its media channels that will target the... Read More

AuSM Canada Staff

TRADER recently launched TRFFK powered by, its new full-service digital advertising solution for Canadian dealers. TRFFK allows dealers to power local digital advertising campaigns and convert online traffic via data-driven solutions led by proprietary data on in-market car shoppers. The... Read More




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