Finding Your Next Internet Manager

Duncan Cochrane, Strathcom Media

Who should be my Internet manager? This is one of the questions I field most often as I fly around the country, working with both rural and large metro dealers, alike. And my usual response? Someone who wants to be! But if that’s not the answer you were hoping for, it’s because the question itself is... Read More

Carfinco Expansion Lead to Q2 Gains

AuSM Canada Staff

Carfinco Financial Group Inc. announced its second quarter results last week with record results. The company highlighted a record $54 million in loan originations for the quarter, a 19.6 percent increase over last quarter and a year-over-year increase of 26.9 percent. Carfinco attributes the substantial increase in... Read More

AuSM Canada Staff is ramping up its arbitration policy in an effort to offer more protection for Canadian buyers. Manheim Canada’s online marketplace recently announced the launch of their new arbitration process for customers buying vehicles on the Web, using the U.S. National Auto Auction Association arbitration... Read More

AutoCanada to Continue Acquisition Initiative

Josh Hyatt, Staff Writer

The momentum on the acquisition front continues to develop for Canada’s largest publicly traded dealer group. AutoCanada just announced across-the-board financial growth in its second-quarter conference call last week, and it has already added to the mountain of acquisitions made in the first half of the year with... Read More

AMVOQ Reveals CPO Program For Independent Dealers

Sarah Rubenoff, AuSM Canada Editor

With rumors of expanding used supply on the horizon, as well as more palatable used-car prices, The Used Car Dealers Association of Quebec, known as AMVOQ, (Association des Marchands de Véhicules D'occasion du Québec),  is launching a certified pre-owned program for the province’s independent... Read More

TRADER to Launch Dealer-to-Dealer Online Auction

Sarah Rubenoff, AuSM Canada Editor

TRADER Corp. is entering the online auction ring with its new product TRADER Exchange. The new dealer-to-dealer auction tool gives TRADER’s dealer customers a way to wholesale vehicles without leaving the portal they have used to retail units to customers in the past. In an interview with AuSM... Read More

Richard MacDonald , RPM Solutions

Ninety percent of a successful used-car dealer’s time, money, energy and efforts typically go into the processes that take place before a customer ever s the dealership: buying, reconditioning, photography, etc. When I was in sales, many years ago, my first manager would always say, “Let’s go... Read More

AuSM Canada Staff

AutoCanada announced its second-quarter results late last week, showcasing a same-store used-vehicle retail revenue increase of 9.9 percent. The group also made their largest acquisition to date by acquiring the Hyatt Group of Dealerships in Calgary while also adding their first BMW and Mini dealerships by securing BMW... Read More