NABD offers 3 conference sessions to enhance operators’ customer base

ORLANDO, Fla. - 

Of the 21 different training sessions the National Alliance of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers (NABD) is organizing for its next conference, there are a trio of segments that might be most beneficial to operators looking to build a larger and stronger portfolio of paying customers.

Along with conference keynote speaker Steve Siebold, it’s all on tap for NABD’s Orlando BHPH Conference titled “Opportunity Knocks – Best Ways to Respond.” Dealers can still secure registration discounts through Friday for the conference that begins on Oct. 23 at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, Fla.

While Siebold offered a glimpse of his presentation in a as well as at the top of this page, NABD highlighted all of its sessions, including the three that might give operators the strategy they need to grow their customer base.

LHPH – Another Alternative
Oct. 24 at 10 a.m.

Leasing is an important alternative business model in the competitive environment of today. What are the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a lease-here, pay-here business? What regulations apply to LHPH? Where can you find capital to finance a lease portfolio? How do you make these leases compliant? In this workshop, a panel of successful lease operators and experts explain how to do it correctly. NABD insisted longer terms and lower down payments are not the recipe for success. Learn how leasing can help to avoid these pitfalls.

Ways to Increase Your Sales
Oct. 24 at 4:15 p.m.

Competition for the best customers has made the BHPH industry more challenging than ever during the last two years. Franchised dealers, credit unions, special finance companies are all competing for the customers who normally land within the BHPH segment. In this workshop, Bill Neylan of Tax Max will explain how the tax refund market has changed and provide creative ways to gain or regain that business. Irregular payments can keep customers paying.

Best Underwriting Practices
Oct. 25 at 9:15 a.m.

Every BHPH operator wants to regain lost market share. Good underwriting is needed to avoid mistakes made in the past. Lower down payments, lower repayments, and longer terms are not the recipe for success. During this interactive panel you will learn how credit scoring, and credit bureau and alternative credit data will help you make better decisions. Chuck Bonanno, 20 group director for the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, will explain what 20 group members are doing to get the best customers and keep vehicles sold.

For further information or to register, visit or call (832) 767-4759. Early registration discounts are available through Friday. NABD also has arranged $179 per night room rates at Rosen Centre with no resort fees while supplies last.

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