Spireon introduces refreshed GPS recovery tool

IRVINE, Calif. - 

Spireon announced updates to Recovery Link — a feature of its one-step GoldStar GPS solutions vehicle recovery system for buy-here, pay-here dealers — which can allow them to automatically send recovery agents locator intelligence on the location of lapsed vehicles through text or email.

GoldStar can let BHPH dealers see the number of times a recovery agent views a shared link generated by the recently enhanced tool produced to increase efficiency by saving dealers time and money, according to Spireon.

“One of the biggest hurdles BHPH dealers face in recovering assets is the number of manual steps required to communicate with recovery agents, increasing the time and money spent on recovery,” Sunil Marolia, vice president of product management at Spireon said in a news release.

“Our latest Recovery Link feature streamlines the process and automates communication with agents. As we all know, time is money, which is why GoldStar is designed to help our customers be as efficient and productive as they possibly can," Marolia continued.

The company said GoldStar’s real-time location and vehicle status intelligence offerings can help minimize financial risk for dealers by lessening the probability of vehicles being damaged, facing impoundment or accruing other avoidable costs.

The revamped solution shares both vehicle location history and real-time location information with recovery agents, which can be clearly viewed on a smartphone or tablet computer, making it easier to locate vehicles while on the road, the open connected vehicle company said.

Spireon's one-step GoldStar GPS vehicle recovery technology displayed on a device. Photo courtesy of Spireon.

Recovery agents only have access to vehicle location and data that is deliberately shared.

“I used to stay up late locating and relaying info to recovery agents over the phone,” Margie Kimble of Joe’s Auto Sales said. “Now I can simply send them the recovery link and it’s a done deal.”

Additionally, dealers can restrict access to the location of a vehicle after recovery by suspending the link either manually or automatically. Otherwise, it expires after 30 days.

Through features like Spireon’s Recovery Link, 78 percent of customers using GoldStar have been able to finance customers with lower credit scores, and 84 percent have reported reduced delinquencies, according to the company.

For more information about Recovery Link and other GoldStar assets, visit www.spireon.com/goldstar-notifier.