Spireon Achieves New Revenue Record

BHPH Report Staff

Spireon highlighted that its automotive solutions group reached $102 million in revenue for 2013 and now is actively deployed in 1.5 million vehicles within the automotive finance industry, including a wide array of buy-here, pay-here dealers. Spireon also announced that it has deployed more than 800,000 units of its... Read More

BHPH Report Staff

FEX DMS recently launched major enhancements to its electronic payment service to help buy-here pay-here dealers who use the FEX EPS solution. FEX DMS chief technology officer Jeff McCurry highlighted the new enhancements are designed to revolutionize the way FEX DMS dealers can accept and post payments. “There... Read More

Ken Shilson

With 2013 in the rear view mirror, many buy-here, pay-here operators will evaluate last year’s performance by reviewing sales figures and the “bottom line” of their year end financial statements. Although I acknowledge that these are typical performance barometers operators use to determine what kind of... Read More

Gene Daughtry

Have you considered buy-here, pay-here? This is a good time to make the move. If you have and wondered where to start, here is a ‘beginning’ you can use to get moving in the right direction. There are many things to consider. We are discussing you establishing a dealer controlled finance (DCF) business.... Read More

Nick Zulovich, Editor

Like many buy here, pay-here dealers, BHPH chain America’s Car-Mart has seen some of its better customers being wooed away by the possibility of getting a newer, lower-mileage vehicle at another dealership because finance companies are willing to take on the added risk of traditional deep subprime... Read More

Ignoring Form 1099-C Filing Can Become Costly

Nick Zulovich, Editor

You probably have heard that running cocktail hour joke about the two sure things in life — death and taxes. Well that chuckle starter came up again during the BHPH Report’s conversation with McGladrey’s Scott Ruby when he discussed how important it is for buy here, pay-here operators who have a... Read More

Importance Of Creating & Maintaining Business Plan

Nick Zulovich, Editor

The buy-here, pay-here operation Dustin Kerr started to oversee for owner Bill Powell 10 years ago followed a pattern many dealers might recognize. The BHPH store started as an off -shoot of a Chrysler franchised dealership — a place where Kerr could send older trade-ins and try to retail them on a piece of property... Read More

2013 Is In The Rearview Mirror So What’s Ahead?

Ken Shilson, NABD

Although the year-end financial results for buy-here, pay-here operators are still being compiled and individual results will vary, members of the National Alliance of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers I surveyed about 2013 performance indicated the following: 1. Increased Competition Unit sales for most operators were... Read More