Nissan Updates Dealer Progress for LEAF Rollout

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - 

Nissan North America management offered an update this week on the number of franchise dealers who have completed electric vehicle readiness training and are among the first to add EV charging infrastructure to their store operations.

As the automaker prepares for Nissan LEAF deliveries in December, company officials indicated that by the end of this week more than 40 Level 2 (240 volt) chargers will be installed at dealers. By January, the company said more than 150 dealers will have chargers installed in the targeted launch markets of California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Tennessee.

Nissan explained each dealer will install four charging docks: two for operational support and two in customer-access areas. The company added more than 90 percent of LEAF reservation holders located in the primary launch markets reside within 10 miles of a franchise dealer.

The OEM emphasized that all dealers who sell the LEAF first must attain zero-emission certification. Officials pointed out the certification includes extensive training, both online and in person, as well as investing in the tools and charging to support the sale and service of the LEAF.

The automaker insists approximately 20,000 U.S. consumers have reserved a LEAF since reservations opened on April 20. Brian Carolin, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Nissan North America, cheered the efforts of franchise dealers who are preparing to handle this expected sales level.

“We’re proud to have strong partners in our dealer group who, like Nissan, are investing in affordable, sustainable mobility,” Carolin declared.

“Congratulations to them for recognizing the opportunity to invest in a zero-emission future, and for providing Nissan LEAF drivers with a convenient, alternative charging point,” he continued.

The dealer charging stations are supplied by AeroVironment, Nissan’s home charging partner. 

“We are pleased to make Nissan dealers among the first in the nation to become EV-ready as we move forward building comprehensive coverage for the successful introduction of the Nissan LEAF,” stated Kristen Helsel, vice president of EV Solutions for AeroVironment.

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