Do You Know The Three Steps?

Do you know the three steps?

That’s what Paul Potratz of Potratz Advertising asked viewers in

In the video, Potratz outlines what he views as the three steps you need to take your sales career to a new level.

“Are you just starting your career, or wondering how to improve, grow and blossom to the next step?” asked Potratz. “Every good salesman knows that the key to growth is to always learn more. There are numerous ways to reach your goals, but we’ve narrowed it down to the three most important steps to take to ensure your success.”

Potratz broke it down like this:  

Step 1: Understand your customer relationship strategy.
-    Customer Relationship Management
-    Use it like it’s your lifeline
-    Make your plan, work your plan.

Step 2: Revamp your business card.
-    Use a picture of yourself.
-    List your email address.
-    List your cellphone number.

Step 3: The Human Voice
-    prepare your daily list of s.
-    scavenge business cards.

Potratz said these steps may seem simple, but he contends salespeople will be “on the right track” after checking off these tasks.