Guerilla Marketing for Sales People

In this week’s Think Tank Tuesday video, Paul Potratz, of Potratz Advertising, highlights what he calls the new tactics of Guerilla Marketing for sales people.

He breaks it down into three strategies.

No. 1: Facebook involvement.
Potratz says to really engage, salespeople must enact 20 “touches” on the social media site per day. This can be broken down in different ways. For example, connect with 10 people; write five posts on your page; like a few posts on other pages, etc.

No. 2: YouTube
Potratz encourages salespeople to post at least five videos every week. But stay away from sticking to sales pitches, and make videos more personal, said Potratz.

No. 3: Email marketing 
This is still just as important as it was a few years ago. Potratz said salespeople should be sending out email marketing every three weeks.

For more on these three marketing strategies for salespeople,


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