How Much Do You Know About Your Shoppers?

You may think you have all your bases covered and you’re reaching all of your possible demographics, but that’s not the case, according to Paul Potratz, founder and chief operating officer of Potratz Advertising.

In the latest “Think Tank Tuesday” marketing tip video, Potratz contends Google has uncovered thousands of different niches that may be are missing in your marketing strategies.

The video featured guest Matthew Goodwin, performance manager at Potratz Advertising, as well.

The pair showed viewers a variety of Google Analytics pages, first focusing on the demographics tab — a portion of the analytics tool that can be added by inputting a small about of code.

Goodwin walked the audience through the demographics tool and what it shows users, such as the age and gender of those visiting your website.

From something as broad as gender, down to what your website viewers are interested in, you can target specific demographics in your customer-base, based on finite information gathered from Google Analytics.

For an in-depth walk through of the Google Analytics categories and what they can tell you about your shoppers, see the