Jumpstart Your Black Friday Promotions

While many may be dreaming of turkey and gravy and planning holiday get-togethers, chances are many dealers are busy working out their Black Friday promotions.

Most in retail know the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping madness marks one of the biggest selling opportunities of the year — and that means dealerships, too.

That’s why founder and chief operating officer of Potratz Partners Advertising, Paul Potratz, touched on this topic in his latest “Think Tank Tuesday” video report, during which he offers some tips and tools for dealers looking to jumpstart their Black Friday promotions.

“Black Friday isn’t just a retail holiday; dealerships can cash in on the flocks of people who are looking for a bargain during the holidays,” Potratz said.

Potratz says, keep it short and sweet. The consumer is drawn to Black Friday sales because of limited time events. He cautions dealerships not to provide monthly sales this time around, but limit it to a week, at the longest.

He also cautioned dealers not to fall into the trap of thinking Black Friday sales should only revolve around the car and price. He says go farther and have sales events on items such as tires, window tinting, car washes, and more.

But wait — don’t let your guard down after Black Friday — Potratz encourages dealers to participate in Cyber Monday, as well.

For more insight into plans for holiday sales events, see .

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