What Exactly Are We Selling?

Are you marketing by simply highlighting vehicles and price?

Paul Potratz, chief operating officer and founder of Potratz Advertising, says that’s not enough.

In his latest “Think Tank Tuesday” video report, Potratz says dealerships must learn to target and market directly to potential customers’ lifestyles.

“Are you marketing to individuals,” Portratz asks.

For example, this holiday season, Potratz says dealers need to think about what people are going to be doing over the holidays, and tie your marketing into those events.

“We’re all different so stop with the general ads and start embracing the diversity— get more specific! Make your audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them,” said Potratz. “Write ads about the trucks on your lot and target it to anyone it applies to, from construction workers to country music fans.”

He also reminded listeners they can target demographics as finite as parents with children within the ages of 15 to 17. Then, you can market specifically to those parents and highlight vehicles that would suit a new young driver. And the game changes again when those children enter college.

Potratz encourages dealers to “match people with the proper ads.”

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