What is Holding You Back?

In a recent "Think Tank Tuesday" video report, Paul Potratz asks, “Is something or someone keeping you from achieving more success at your dealership?"

Potratz, founder and chief operating officer of Potratz Advertising, says if so, this needs to be addressed in order to grow your business.

Potratz outlines how to approach the real issue and overcome the obstacles keeping you from success.

“What’s causing you to not be able to move on?,” Potratz asks.

First, he says you have to find the “rock in the road”, or what is holding the business back.

The next thing, he says, is you have to focus on the hard things, and make the phone calls that you don’t want to make.

What's next? Set deadlines, says Potratz.

Then, you must measure results, not activity. It is easy to see people working hard and assume they are generating results, but that is often not the case.

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