What Makes You Unique?

, Paul Potratz of Potratz Advertising tackles ways dealers can make their stores stand out from the pack, and explains how dealers can use video to help create their store’s image.

Does your brand have a unique image, or are you forced to market by price in order to compete with other dealerships?” Potratz asks.

Potratz says the biggest thing that is missing from advertising these days is creativity.

Advertising by price will only get you so far, and Potratz says this strategy won’t lead to increased profits.

You pricing is on your website, and Potratz says the goal of advertising should be to drive people to the website – not offer consumers the same information.

“If you are doing price-point advertising with no creativity, you are talking to a small percentage of the market. I want you to get creative,” said Potratz.

Potratz also offers examples within the video report of a few commercials that capitalize on creativity.