Monthly lease prices stay steady for 33 vehicles


The calendar year might have increased by one digit, but the analyst team at is seeing that prices on most of today’s popular vehicle leases are holding steady in January.

Compared to December, site analysts determined that 33 different vehicles maintained their prices. noticed only one vehicle is currently offered for less than $150 per month on its site. That’s the Honda Civic LX, which is currently priced at $149 per month, making it the most affordable vehicle for the month.

Analysts pointed out that the Honda Civic LX has maintained this lease price for the past five months.

While most vehicle prices held steady entering January, insisted that dealers continue to offer aggressive prices on entry-level luxury vehicles in particular.

Three entry-luxury cars are currently offered at less than $300 monthly. The Audi A3 2.0T FWD Premium and the Lexus IA 200t (Turbo) are both priced at $299 per month. The Acura ILX is currently offered at $199 per month, and has maintained this price since August.

“Overall, lease prices seem to be holding steady as we kickoff the New Year,” said Scot Hall, executive vice president of

“While prices are holding steady for the time being, it will be interesting to see if dealers introduce a new wave of promotions to take advantage of tax rebates and the recently changed tax rate,” Hall continued.

The vehicle that saw the largest price drop entering 2018 is the Toyota RAVA 4 LE FWD.

This vehicle, which is currently offered at $199 per month, decreased in price by 16.42 percent in comparison to December.

On the other hand, the RAM 1500 saw the largest increased in monthly payment, rising by 37.40 percent in December. This truck is currently offered at $329 per month.


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