NADA provides guide to help dealers educate customers about leasing

TYSONS, Va. - 

The National Automobile Dealers Association recently rolled out a resource for members to help stores leverage vehicle leasing in a way that results in happy customers and compliant deliveries.

In light of the vehicle leasing business reaching an all-time high in 2016 with 4.3 million new units being leased, NADA said consumers are still leasing new cars at near-record levels. In fact, Experian Automotive reported that 30.83 percent of all new-vehicle turns during the second quarter came via a lease.

To help store manage that volume, NADA is offering its members a resource titled, “A Dealer Guide to Leasing Fundamentals.” The material aims to help dealers and their sales staff explain leasing, including how it compares to purchasing, so that customers can make the right decision for their individual needs.

Discussed are: closed-end consumer leases, how leasing benefits both customers and the dealership, and who are the best and worst candidates for leasing.

“Leasing appeals to many consumers who are able to acquire a more expensive vehicle, often with lower monthly payments, than they could have afforded as a purchase — and they can get into a new car every few years, with no depreciation risk,” NADA said.

“Still, many consumers don’t understand the leasing concept or vocabulary,” the association added.

NADA members can obtain this leasing guide by going .

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