AuSM Staff

LeasePlan USA has brought Michael Croft on to its to business development team, where he will work with companies in the Southwestern region. Croft most recently served as vice president of sales for Element Fleet. He joins LeasePlan while it is expanding its business development team in preparation for smart... Read More

Lease-transfer approvals rebound in June

AuSM Staff reported that applicants through its website registered a 68.8 percent approval rate during June, a significant rebound from May when only 48.1 percent were approved. Officials explained the company saw less of an influx of shoppers applying for higher-end luxury leases, which often drives up non-approval... Read More

Joe Overby, Senior Editor

Lease penetration is down for the first time since 2012, and the decline in leases written is twice as high as the drop in overall new-car sales, according to latest Lease Market Report from Edmunds. That said, leasing remains close to record highs, and the swell of off-lease volumes hitting the used-car market should... Read More

39 models maintain monthly lease offer

AuSM Staff

As lease offers abound, monthly payments on 39 vehicles maintained their current price points, according to analysis shared by on Tuesday. Site officials added there are 15 models being offered for $200 per month or less and three vehicles currently available for lease at less than $150 per... Read More

AuSM Staff

LeasePlan USA has appointed a new senior vice president of operations to oversee the company’s teams that manage the lifecycle of its vehicles. Chosen for the position is Juan Perez, whose leadership and management experience in logistics spans more than 25 years, according to LeasePlan. “Juan is a true... Read More

2 websites looking to broaden auto leasing

Chris Hart-Williams, Staff Writer

In lieu of the traditional test drive, a number of shoppers are most interested getting the best deal possible, says eAutoLease chief executive officer and founder Zoriy Birenboym. “You can do pretty much everything without leaving the comfort of your home or office or school, or where ever you... Read More

Joe Overby, Senior Editor

The car buyer has just about finished the transaction at the dealership. He or she has researched and researched before heading to the dealership; found the right car, test-drove it and came to an agreement on price with the salesperson. “What happens is, after kind of what oftentimes is a long drawn-out... Read More

15 models with monthly payments less than $200

AuSM Staff highlighted on Thursday that there currently are 15 vehicles offered for a monthly payment of $199 or less; and three models where the monthly commitment is below $150. Boasting the lowest monthly payment on the site is the Nissan Sentra SV, which site officials pegged the obligation at $109 per... Read More

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