AuSM Staff

Differences in the execution of the digital application process has contributed to a significant performance gap between top and bottom performing lenders, says J.D. Power’s latest U.S. Consumer Financing Satisfaction Study. The study measures overall customer satisfaction in the following categories: billing... Read More

Ray Kingman , Semcasting, Inc.

With apologies to Elon Musk, Google’s self-driving car initiative and even the rumored Apple car, Silicon Valley isn’t going to outperform Ford, GM, or Toyota on the assembly line. Mass producing cars just isn’t a core competency of Silicon Valley. What Silicon Valley excels at is disrupting... Read More

Joe Overby, Senior Editor

Ally Financial said Tuesday it is increasing the amount it is providing Carvana to finance retail contracts by $1.4 billion. Back in January, Ally had initially committed to provide $600 million for retail financing for the online car-buying platform; over the next 12 months, that figure will increase to $2... Read More

Lease payments becoming even more attractive

AuSM Staff

It’s the decision consumers who acquire a new vehicle must make in order to have a payment that fits their budget. Stretch the traditional installment contract out to nearly 72 months or take on a lease for about half of that time. Perhaps what’s good news for dealership customers and their used-car... Read More

AuSM Staff

GM Financial announced Monday that it has chosen the Ronald McDonald House at Boston to receive a vehicle as apart of its Cool Cars for Remarkable Kids program. The Ronald McDonald House at Boston Harbor is the 18th Ronald McDonald House to receive a vehicle since the program launched earlier this... Read More

AuSM Staff

The auto lease credit approval rate in September registered the lowest percentage seen this year, according to data from The approval rate fell to 47.6 percent following a relatively strong August, when the rate was 68.3 percent, according to Swapalease. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have... Read More

Podcast: Cort DeHart with MBSi Corp.

AuSM Staff

We circle back to one of the most difficult challenges of the automotive business — repossessions — for the latest episode of the AuSM Podcast. Nick is joined by Cort DeHart, who is the corporate strategy manager with MBSi Corp. The conversation touches on how complicated repos can be and how the... Read More

AutoGravity adds Global Lending Services to platform

AuSM Staff

AutoGravity has added another finance company to its online auto financing platform. Thanks to the partnership with Global Lending Services announced Tuesday, AutoGravity will have another lending option to offer its customers. Global Lending Services, meanwhile, will be able to utilize the AutoGravity platform to... Read More

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