2 challenges top of mind for global auto finance leaders


A new report recently released by White Clarke Group explored the most important global issues facing the auto finance industry.

Two challenges became clear when the firm reached out to top company executives.

White Clarke Group’s Global Auto and Equipment Finance Report 2018 revealed that industry executives rank digitalization as one of the most important issues on their agenda for this year.

The report indicated another key global trend that is dominating C-suite discussions is the impact of new legislation and policies, which are changing the competitive landscape for finance providers.

“Compliance and regulation sit at the heart of the finance market and the impact is being felt in every region of the world, ranging from fundamental changes to tax law in India, to new open banking rules in Europe and a more business-friendly approach to regulation in the U.S.,” White Clarke Group said.

“The industry is also having to adapt to growing risks, particularly when it comes to cyber-security and the growing complexity of defending operations from hackers, while simultaneously providing more open finance and banking services to consumers,” the firm added.

This report contains the views of more than 30 industry leaders with analysis covering North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

To obtain a full analysis of the outlook for 2018, download a copy of White Clarke Group’s Global Auto and Equipment Finance Report 2018 at.

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