Avis Budget announces multi-year deal to add 10,000 Connected Toyota vehicles

Photo credit: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com.

Avis Budget Group announced Monday a multi-year deal that will add 10,000 Toyota vehicles to Avis Car Rental’s growing fleet of connected vehicles.

The company said Connected Toyota vehicles are expected to be available this September.

“As connected car technology continues to evolve in the auto industry, we are rapidly adapting our fleet and rolling this technology out to our locations,” Avis Budget Group executive vice president and chief innovation officer Arthur Orduna said in a news release.

“These advancements further improve our fleet management capabilities, which enables us to provide Fleet Management as a Service (FMaaS), while also enhancing the customer experience with time savings and mobile app integration. We’re a step closer to a fully connected fleet and ultimately moving towards a new future for our business,” Orduna continued.

Along with plans to have 100,000 fully connected cars in the United States this year, Avis Budget Group said that it is committed to operating a fully connected global fleet by 2020.

Recently, the company more than doubled Avis Car Rental’s existing fleet of connected vehicles.

Earlier this month, Avis Budget Group said it commenced installations of 50,000 Unified Telematics Platform devices, provided by I.D. Systems.

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