Costco Auto Program announces record-breaking 2017, over 520K vehicles sold

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. Photo courtesy of Chevrolet.

Affinity Auto Program, which manages the Costco Auto Program, announced Tuesday that sales in 2017 surpassed two company records.

Both total unit sales for the program overall and total unit sales during Costco's annual three-month Holiday Sales Event were record-breaking, the company said.

According to calendar year data, in addition to the company’s Holiday Sales Event promotion with General Motors being up 50 percent compared to 2016, Costco also boasts a more than 6 percent increase in its program’s overall total unit sales over 2016 having sold more than 520,000 vehicles to members through its program last year.

The Costco Auto Program offers store members low, prearranged pricing on new vehicles, certified pre-owned vehicles and powersports and recreational vehicles, along with a 15-percent discount on the majority of parts, service and accessories.

More than 87 percent of vehicles purchased through the program are new, and about 13 percent are certified pre-owned vehicles, the company said.

“Costco members are at the forefront of everything we do,” company representative Beth Chaponis said in a news release. “From providing online resources that help Costco members make an informed buying decision to the experience at the dealership, and even after they drive their vehicle home, Costco Auto Program works with both members and participating dealerships to ensure an exceptional and transparent car-buying experience.”

Costco data shows that crossovers were the most popular segment during last year’s Holiday Sales Event. And the segment was ahead of trucks by 7 percent.

The most purchased models during the promotion were the Chevrolet Silverado (13.1 percent), GMC Sierra (10.2 percent), Chevrolet Equinox (7.0 percent), Chevrolet Traverse (6.1 percent) and Cadillac XT5 (5.5 percent), according to Costco.

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