CPO winners honored at Used Car Week

The Used Car Awards luncheon, which was sponsored by TradeRev, at Used Car Week. Photo by Jonathan Fredin.
LA QUINTA, Calif.  - 

IntelliChoice, Vincentric and U.S. News & World Report each recognized certified pre-owned program award winners during the Used Car Awards luncheon, sponsored by TradeRev. 

The luncheon, which also recognized other dealer-level and industry awards, was held during Used Car Week in La Quinta, Calif., last week.

Starting with IntelliChoice, Kia earned honors as the Best Popular Program Award winner, while Volvo was recognized as the Best Premium Program.  

Its full list of winners is below: 

— Best Premium Program Award: Volvo

— Best Premium Warranty Award: Volvo

— Best Premium Brand Used Ownership Costs Award: Cadillac

— Best Popular Program Award: Kia

— Best Popular Warranty Award: Kia

— Best Popular Brand Used Ownership Costs Award: General Motors

“CPO warranties and special financing offers are two important elements of CPO programs as identified by buyers, and are also the two elements that see the most changes from year to year as manufacturers look for ways to attract consumers,” Intellichoice analyst Debbie Eldridge said in a news release.

“Several manufacturers now offer multiple warranties based on the age and mileage of the vehicle, and some manufacturers offer special financing every month while others will have specials throughout the year.”

 gave its inaugural Best Certified Pre-Owned Program honors to Lexus.

At Vincentric, winning the brand awards this year were Ford, Lincoln, Toyota and Audi. Ford secured the most model-level awards, as well, receiving recognition in eight categories. 

A full recap of Vincentric’s awards can be found here.

Stay tuned to the Dec. 15 issue of AuSM for a full rundown of these awards and others that were recognized during Used Car Week. 

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