From the Editor: CPO Extra is now Pre-Owned & CPO

CARY, N.C. - 

Though it doesn’t seem that long ago, I wrote a that explained the new-and-improved agenda format for the weeklong conference series.

Included in that new Used Car Week format was the CPO Forum transitioning into the Pre-Owned Con.

Essentially, we adapted the certified pre-owned conference into a more comprehensive look at the entire retail used-car market.

Flash forward to 2018, and we’re doing the same with our CPO Extra enewsletter.

That enewsletter will now be known as Pre-Owned & CPO.

If you recall from Used Car Week in November, Pre-Owned Con went beyond certified pre-owned to focus on analytics, data and big-picture vision, strategies and technologies that are impacting the overall retail used-car market.

We’re aiming to do the same from an editorial standpoint with the Pre-Owned & CPO enewsletter.

Bear in mind: We’re still going to cover the CPO market within this enewsletter, just as we always have. But instead of focusing entirely on that slice of the market, we will include stories on the broader overall retail used-car market, as well. 

As for timing, distribution and other logistics? Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

You can expect to see Pre-Owned & CPO every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. No need to re-subscribe or change anything. Just a new format!

As always, AuSM is always open to back, story ideas, etc. Contact me any time with questions or comments at [email protected].

And Happy New Year!

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