Enhanced online used-car parts marketplace launches


PartCycle Technologies recently introduced an upgraded online used-car-parts platform (PartCycle.com) designed to give dealers an efficient way to get the parts they need for their service/parts customers.

The company offers an online recycled auto parts marketplace. 

In a news release, the company gives the example of University Toyota in Tuscumbia, Ala.,  which since integrating PartCycle into its service operations, has been able to make more service transactions.

The dealership credits PartCycle’s offerings for its recent growth because they have been able to get quality low-cost OEM parts options, and that pleases customers.

"We see customers who need to fix their car, but simply cannot afford the new part cost," University Auto Family fixed operations director Owen Kilmury said in a news release.

"Some customers have had to forego the recommended repair service because of part cost. PartCycle allows a dealership to retain a customer that we otherwise would have lost due to the price of certain new parts. The customer gets a quality part, at a fraction of the price, and the dealership retains a customer that otherwise would have been lost," he said.

University Toyota's service shop. Photo courtesy of PartCycle.

PartCycle currently has over 4 million parts in stock and carries an inventory sourced from 55- professional automotive recycler locations across the U.S.

"We get all the options we need in a single PartCycle search," said parts manager Chris Britt of University Toyota. "I've spent the better part of a day just waiting on callbacks for parts, but with PartCycle I find what I need quickly and easily, then can include those options in customer quotes. Then they can get what they need for their vehicle."

Additionally, PartCycle currently offers free shipping, standard 180-day warranty coverage and 30-day returns on all parts.

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