Ally Financial gives top supplier honor to Primeritus Financial Services


A trio of executives from Primeritus Financial Services described how much it meant to receive a special honor from Ally Financial.

On Tuesday, Primeritus, a leading provider of recovery management, skip-tracing and remarketing services for the auto finance industry in the U.S., announced that it has received Ally Financial’s 2017 Supplier of the Year Award.

“We are honored to have received such a prestigious award from Ally.  I could not be more proud of our team for their hard work and the commitment to excellence that it took to achieve this.  We have enjoyed a strong relationship with Ally and are excited to see this grow in the future.” said Chris McGinness, senior vice president of operations for Primeritus. “We have made a concerted effort to deliver sustained results for Ally.”

Joe Mappes, executive vice president of client services and sales at Primeritus, added, “It’s extremely rewarding to be recognized as an industry leader by Ally. Our teams have worked very hard in developing a trusted relationship with Ally since we started working together in 2016 and has resulted in a strong and growing association between our companies.”

Primeritus president and chief executive officer Scott Peters also shared his thoughts on collecting the honor from Ally.

“We are elated and honored to have received this award.  Humbly, we also extend our gratitude to our excellent network of agent partners, who also share in this achievement,” Peters said

“We look forward to what the future has in store with Ally,” he went on to say.