Lobel Financial boosts underwriting with FactorTrust data


On Friday, FactorTrust announced the addition of Lobel Financial to its growing list of financial service companies implementing its alternative credit data into their credit decisioning process.

Lobel Financial, a finance company specializing in purchasing and servicing vehicle installment contracts from independent and franchised dealers, is using FactorTrust data in a custom scorecard to augment other in-house credit strategies.

The company selected FactorTrust to implement its alternative credit data to help them achieve more lift and better separation of good and poor credit performers.

“We looked closely at what FactorTrust could offer, and decided that its many attributes, delivered in real-time, would help us best reach our goal of establishing enhanced segmentation for the development of our new internal scorecard,” Lobel Financial president Harvey Lobel said.

Lobel Financial joined finance companies such as National Auto Lenders leveraging FactorTrust’s information.

“Using alternative credit data is a proactive choice for industry leaders like Lobel Financial, who are faced with the challenge of effectively and intelligently managing risk on the underbanked market,” FactorTrust chief executive officer Greg Rable said.

“The addition of FactorTrust’s proprietary data opens up their options in determining the best credit performers for their business. It allows a complete picture of consumers, who are often considered credit invisible, but are really just credit inaccurate due to lack of data,” Rable added.



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