Payscout unveils new self-service payment portal


On Wednesday, Payscout — one of the fastest growing privately held global payments processing providers in the U.S. — announced the launch of Condor, a new payment portal that can facilitate frictionless payment processing transactions between a business and its debtors through a front end portal, increasing efficiency without impacting live agents.

The Condor payment portal uses Payscout’s payment processing platform, while satisfying current consumer preferences for self-serve bill payment options that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Condor can enable verified login so that debtors can view their current account information and set up payment arrangements in real-time, while the company remains compliant with all relevant privacy regulations.

The portal is available as a mobile-enabled website, IVR, or a combination of the two, with customizable parameters to meet current business operating needs and client requirements. And, because of the flat fee pricing model, with no additional transaction charges, the company believes it is the most cost effective option for the vast majority of collection agencies.

 “Condor was created to bring order and efficiency to the incredibly cumbersome collections process,” Payscout chief executive officer Cleveland Brown said. “Accounts receivable management can be a costly and time-consuming practice, involving emailing, mailing, and calling debtors.

“We saw a need in the market for an evolved, frictionless payment solution and with Condor, our customers are now freed up to focus on debtors that require more interaction,” Brown went on to say.

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