Santander Consumer USA revamps website


With so much discussion happening at recent industry conferences about enhancing how customers shop for and finance their vehicles, Santander Consumer USA took action.

SCUSA unveiled a new company website with the singular goal of improving the overall customer experience. The new site features what the finance company says is an intuitive and clean design built specifically to help customers find the information and resources they need, quickly and easily.

In addition to improved functionality, SCUSA highlighted its website now includes a financial education learning center, comprised of free resources and online courses on subjects from managing credit to maintaining financial health. Visitors to the site can take advantage of several finance calculators, monthly budgeting tools and educational modules on topics such as debt payoff, simple interest financing and retirement.

“Approximately half of Americans feel stressed about their finances,” said Mary Davis, executive vice president of consumer practices for Santander Consumer USA. “Our new online education center — with a large library of financial planning tools and knowledge modules — helps empower consumers to have a better understanding of their personal financial situation.

“We believe that when consumers know more about financing, credit and budgeting, they can reduce the stress they may feel over issues related to managing their money,” Davis continued.

SCUSA emphasized that every detail of its new website was intentionally created with the end user in mind.

“We didn’t set out to make a prettier version of the SC company website, but instead focused on clear design, providing customers with the information they’re seeking and representing our corporate values — simple, personal and fair,” said Patrick Daly, Santander’s director of digital strategy.

“More than 60 percent of visitors to are using a mobile device,” Daly explained. “While our previous site catered to mobile users, this site focuses on mobile users as the primary audience. Pages, menus and features are optimized for handheld smartphones and tablets, as well as the personal computer.”

Other improvements include a redesigned blog, easy-to-use navigation and a dynamic help and support section so visitors can easily find the answers they need.

SCUSA went on to say the new site can enable the finance company to react to customer back more quickly, and to refine its online resources to continually meet the needs of customers.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the new features, take an online financial education class and to provide back to Santander Consumer USA, according to the company.