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CARY, N.C. -- Welcome to Cherokee Publishing's latest offering, SubPrime News Update, a weekly e-newsletter that serves as a companion to SubPrime Auto Finance News and SubPrimeNews.com. Filled with the latest breaking news, SubPrime News Update shares valuable and timely subprime financing information with dealers and other industry executives, while SubPrimeNews.com is packed with the latest market information and updated multiple times a day to share such information 24/7.

Published every Wednesday afternoon, SubPrime News Update is designed to provide dealers, finance managers, funding executives and other used car industry professionals with the very latest and most compelling information available.

Offering the latest news from major financial institutions, regional banks, credit unions, floor planning companies, dealers, industry leaders and more, SubPrime News Update, SubPrimeNews.com and the soon-to-be-published SubPrime Auto Finance News, are the premier resources for the subprime auto finance industry.

The electronic media were created to fit hand-in-glove with the print publication, which will hit mailboxes in early October. All SubPrime offerings work hand in hand to provide insights and articles featuring such industry players as Chase, Wells Fargo, AmeriCredit, the National Auto Finance Association and much more. The subprime industry is one of the fastest growing segments of business today, and staying up-to-date on the latest trends, compliance issues and industry offerings are a must. To access some of these articles now, visit SubPrimeNews.com.

Additionally, SubPrime Auto Finance News will feature key insights and tips from such industry leaders as Tom Hudson, a prominent dealer attorney; Ken Shilson, founder of the National Alliance of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers; Chris Leedom, of Leedom of Associates; and more.

SPECIAL ATTENTION: The advertising deadline for the first issue of the print publication is Sept. 19, and space is filling up fast, so act quickly. The next deadline comes around Oct. 3. Ad space is also available on SubPrimeNews.com and SubPrime News Update. For further ad information or to subscribe to our offerings, visit SubPrimeNews.com or call Bill Zadeits at (800) .

It is our sincere pleasure to serve as the top source of news in this complex, ever-changing industry.

All the best,

Jennifer Reed

Editor, SubPrime Auto Finance News
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