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6 dealerships join HyreCar’s ‘Path to Ownership’ program


Following up from arranging a strategic partnership with the National Automobile Dealers Association, HyreCar — the carsharing marketplace for ridesharing — announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its unique dealer focused “path to ownership” program with stores in six different cities throughout the United States.

The development potentially adds more than 500 vehicles to the platform. Rideshare drivers are now able to rent and drive-to-own vehicles that are listed on the HyreCar platform by participating dealers, which now include:

— Burlington Auto Group, based in Philadelphia

— Sims Mitsubishi in Cleveland

— 1st Place Auto Stores in Dallas

—Don’s Auto Group, based in New Orleans market

—M & S Auto Sales in Atlanta

—Benchmark Auto Sales in Asheville, N.C.

Each dealer location will have a customized driver sign-up kiosk in their showroom to actively promote the HyreCar program.

HyreCar’s aim is to meet an overwhelming dealer demand to enter the mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) industry throughout the U.S. The HyreCar-DriveItAway alliance is now executing a unique dealer program that can give participating dealers the opportunity to offer vehicles to new ridesharing drivers for temporary use, as a means to generate funds towards a down payment for vehicle ownership.

In cooperation with a national ridesharing company, HyreCar’s partner DriveItAway is installing customized sign-up kiosks inside participating dealerships, where potential rideshare drivers can apply to drive. Once approved, drivers can participate in the “Drive for your Down Payment” program.

With this program, new driver candidates are provided a temporary vehicle by the dealership, through the HyreCar dealership platform, to raise money through rideshare driving, for a down payment to buy the vehicle of their choice, regardless of past credit history.

“We see this program as a win for everyone,” said Wayne Hileman, owner of Burlington Auto Group, one of the pilot dealers to launch this program. “We make money supplying temporary vehicles, and in the process, nurture a new customer to buy a vehicle.

“We are delighted to empower new rideshare drivers to purchase a vehicle through the ‘on-demand’ employment opportunity provided by the ridesharing company,” Hileman continued. “Additionally, the rideshare company gets a new, loyal driver, dedicated to building his or her own driving business.”

The combination of these six stores joining up with NIADA members, HyreCar chief executive officer Joe Furnari is upbeat on the company's future, which also has executed a successful initial public offering.

“The reception to our dealer enabling program has been overwhelming,” Furnari said. “As a result, we are mobilizing very quickly to meet dealer demand all over the United States. These dealer additions will help us meet the increasing demand for ridesharing-approved vehicles, while also adding additional vehicles to our growing platform.”

New platform combines J.D. Power, Nielsen insights to help marketers attract 'high-value audiences'


To provide automotive marketers a boost in advertising effectiveness and measurement, a new marketing and measurement platform now blends the capabilities of Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s technology with J.D. Power’s car-buyer intelligence and insights.

The companies announced the launch of the new Nielsen Auto Cloud marketing and measurement platform powered by J.D. Power on Monday.

Via the new cloud technology solution, in addition to omnichannel advertising and campaign measurement features, automotive advertisers can directly access audience data from Nielsen with buyer insights from J.D. Power, the company said.

“We are thrilled to launch this game-changing automotive solution with J.D. Power,” Nielsen executive vice president Damian Garbaccio said in a news release. “The Nielsen Auto Cloud’s combination of data, technology and measurement capabilities is unique to the auto advertising world.

“Auto marketers can now be more responsive to changes in buying behavior, more personalized with their advertising and content, better at measuring outcomes, and—ultimately—more efficient with their media investments,” Garbaccio said.

 Marketers can target audiences and personalize advertising messages using detailed insights from Nielsen and J.D. Power that's related to vehicle features, buying stage, brand affinities, media engagement, geo-location and device type, according to J.D. Power.

“Nielsen and J.D. Power are ushering in a new era for the auto industry,” said Bernardo Rodriguez, J.D. Power’s chief digital officer. “We’re empowering auto marketers with immediately actionable intelligence ... whether for consumer insights, cross-media planning and targeting, or campaign measurement.”

Meanwhile, in addition to having the ability to plan and activate car-buyer audiences across TV and digital, both Nielsen Auto Cloud’s always-on frequency management and in-flight analytics capabilities allow users to measure and control what types of ads people see throughout each ad campaigns’ run.

Furthermore, J.D. Power said that the new platform is also fitted with campaign measurement and optimization capabilities that can help clients react to buying behavior changes instantly.

“The Nielsen Auto Cloud gives us incredible access to granular data from Nielsen complemented by insights from J.D. Power, allowing us to create high-value audiences for our clients,” said The Interpublic Group of Companies global chief data and marketing technology officer Arun Kumar. “With this, we will strengthen our audience measurement platform, improving our ability to target car-buyers based on a variety of criteria including their preferred brands, car models, styles and features. That means better performing media investments for our auto clients, more innovative marketing solutions, and ultimately, better consumer experiences.”

HyreCar forms strategic partnership with NIADA


HyreCar continues to make inroads into established segments of the automotive industry.

The start-up designed to create a carsharing marketplace for ridesharing and the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) have entered into a strategic partnership, through its alliance with DriveItAway, a current NIADA National Member Benefits partner.

HyreCar’s aim is to meet what it calls an “overwhelming” dealer demand to enter the mobility as a service (MaaS) industry throughout the U.S. by serving the NIADA’s 17,000 dealership members. Association leadership said this partnership expansion continues NIADA’s commitment to helping member auto dealers better understand, and provide critical resources to implement a successful MaaS business.

“For the past six months, we’ve been speaking at trade events such as the NIADA Convention about the opportunities dealers have to profitably expand into new areas of shared mobility, particularly in providing temporary used vehicles to new Lyft drivers as a path to ownership,” DriveItAway founder and chief executive officer John Possumato said. “We were overwhelmed by the number of dealers who wanted in, to start up with us right away.

“Our new integration with HyreCar allows us immediate access to an experienced, dedicated team to scale our program right away, so we can now turn those dealers on to new profit opportunities without any delay in building out infrastructure,” Possumato continued.

 DriveItAway can provide NIADA members with the tools to offer a subscription model car sharing platform. The partnership with HyreCar adds seamless turnkey self-service software, all insurance coverages and training to allow dealers to quickly and profitably add a cents-per-mile model to the traditional one car sale/one profit scenario.

 NIADA members using DriveItAway's turnkey program can also offer the Lyft Your Down Payment program, which provides new Lyft drivers with immediate temporary vehicles to drive at a daily or weekly rate as a path to ownership, allowing them to raise money for a down payment to buy the vehicle of their choice — offered by the participating dealership.

“We are continuing to build partnerships with automotive industry leaders to drive our mission of building roads to financial freedom,” HyreCar CEO Joe Furnari said. “We are excited to become the mobility solution for independent dealers who want to tap into the growing car sharing industry through the DriveItAway NIADA National Member Benefit program.”

NIADA senior vice president of member services Scott Lilja said working with DriveItAway's dealer program, now greatly expanded through its relationship with HyreCar, gives NIADA members the opportunity to create an immediate new profit center, expand their portfolio of qualified buyers and sell more vehicles.

“This partnership expansion continues our commitment to helping our member auto dealers better understand, and to provide critical resources to implement, a successful mobility as a service business,” he said. “DriveItAway and HyreCar tools and resources provide our members with an invaluable and profitable experience in this expanding business sector, all within their current dealership infrastructure and without having to make substantial investments.”

For interested dealers, NIADA will be hosting an educational webinar on Thursday beginning at noon ET. To register, go to .

Hertz and Aptiv partner to manage autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas

ESTERO, Fla. - 

Hertz is looking to make a safe bet on autonomous vehicles in Sin City.

Coming on the heels of the rental car company hiring a new chief information officer, Hertz and its fleet management subsidiary, Donlen, on Tuesday announced a new strategic partnership with Aptiv, a global technology company enabling the future of mobility.

Hertz said it will assist with the operations and management of Aptiv's Las Vegas autonomous vehicles (AVs). The company highlighted Aptiv’s technology powers what are deemed to be safe and reliable AVs in cities worldwide with Las Vegas serving as the initial North American commercial deployment market.

The two companies will execute a phased approach to develop standard operating procedures for mobility-related AV fleets. The initial program, scheduled to launch this fall, will further enhance and guide the implementation of similar programs in future markets.

“Our partnership with Hertz will allow us to operate and maintain autonomous fleets at scale — a critical element of the offering that our on-demand mobility customers will require,” said Glen De Vos, Aptiv’s chief technology officer and president of its mobility and services group.

“This relationship is an important step in the broader journey for Aptiv, within the self-driving technology space,” De Vos continued.

Michael Fisher, senior vice president and chief digitization officer of Hertz, emphasized that the company is committed to emerging mobility and actively supporting fleet management partnerships.

“Hertz continues to innovate and execute winning strategies in the evolving mobility landscape. We’re pleased to announce this partnership with Aptiv, a leader in the development of autonomous driving technology,” Fisher continued.

“This allows us to build on our expanding platform for managing AVs of the future while we leverage our expansive expertise and network managing our existing car rental and commercial fleets of more than 1 million vehicles,” he went on to say.

Flexdrive's new eCarOne, Essence partnership brings 1st Alfa Romeos to platform


eCarOne and Essence Maserati, Alfa Romeo are the latest dealerships to employ the Flexdrive car subscription platform. And eCarOne is the first independent dealership to offer Alfa Romeo vehicles using the service.

This news comes on the heels of Flexdrive’s recent expansion in South Florida and Denmark within the past two months. The company has partnered with Florida Fine Cars dealerships and Denmark’s car subscription operator Dribe, Flexdrive announced in June and late July, respectively.

Meanwhile, according to an announcement released on Monday, the company’s newest dealership partners will offer Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lexus, Maserati and Mercedes Benz luxury models as part of the Flexdrive subscription program.

“We provide high-end cars to the Dallas and Fort Worth markets and have a strong customer base that's come to expect quality in our vehicles and service,” Motaz Rhima, owner of eCarOne and Essence said in a news release. “But many of our customers want variability and variety in what they drive—offering car subscriptions makes that possible while also attracting a new customer base who might not have purchased our cars otherwise.

“Flexdrive is the best subscription partner given their capabilities and proven success in working with other dealerships, and quickly delivering them ROI on the program,” said Rhima.

In addition to providing the luxury dealerships data and analytics to mitigate depreciation risk and maximize return-on-investment, Flexdrive said that eCarOne and Essence dealerships can expect its technology to provide recurring monthly revenue for dealerships based on subscription vehicles when implementing vehicle subscriptions with Flexdrive.

“Dealerships continue to face financial pressure paired with changing consumer demands and an industry that is rapidly evolving,” Flexdrive chief executive officer Jose Puente said in a news release. “Motaz is a thought leader when it comes to transforming the dealership model in a move toward mobility and enhancing his business' economics in a way that also meets the consumer's shifting mentality.”

Repair shop solution provider adds Carfax reports to enhance program for service techs


Vehicle service and repair shops with Workshop Software technology can now access newly integrated Carfax customer vehicle information that can help service technicians boost shop efficiency.

Along with adding Carfax QuickVIN and Carfax Service History Check, the vehicle history reports provider announced Wednesday that Workshop Software has enhanced it shop management software to also include a one-click button feature that registers customers with myCarfax.

“Carfax and our partners like Workshop Software are equally committed to helping people keep their cars well-maintained,” said Vern Poyner, general manager at Carfax. “Regular service details on myCarfax and Carfax Vehicle History Reports help reinforce that these vehicles may be safer, last longer and hold their value better.”

While Workshop Software was founded and based in Sydney, Australia, the company’s repair shop program has been made available to service technicians in the U.S. through the ARI Network Services company located in Milwaukee.

“Workshop Software is changing the way auto repair shops run their business and interact with clients," said Mark Davis, director and general manager of software products at ARI Network Services. “We are excited to bring this technology to the U.S. market and to provide an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use solution for collectively overseeing all aspects of business management. And now with the Carfax QuickVIN and Carfax Service History Check integration, this great partnership brings even more value and potential profit to all of our customers.”

Meanwhile, on top of helping service technicians effectively determine maintenance needs, Carfax said the vehicle details information added by Workshop Software can help reduce errors when ordering parts, as well as increase ticket averages.

“We heard loud and clear that building access to Carfax information into our latest products was a must-have for our users,” said Workshop Software chief executive officer James Mitchell.

“With ease, service technicians can identify key vehicle details that help them process vehicles quicker and see the service and repair history of new and return customers to make better recommendations. We expect this enhancement to our platform will help shops boost their customer service and ultimately, service revenues.”

KAR Auction Services to explore blockchain as first auto remarketer to join MOBI

CARMEL, Ind. - 

KAR Auction Services Inc. revealed Tuesday morning it has become the first remarketer to join the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, also known as MOBI. As the first remarketer, KAR joins what is described as a member-driven consortium of global automotive industry leaders, the goal of which is to explore blockchain tech use in the “digital mobility ecosystem.” 

Other automotive sectors represented on the consortium include international automotive OEMs, new mobility tech companies, government agencies, and leading consulting and financial services firms. 

"Working with other leaders in the automotive and technology industries as partners with a vested interest in the success, integrity and security of blockchain enabled solutions, we can build a more transparent and trustworthy ecosystem," said Don Gottwald, chief operating officer and chief strategy officer at KAR, in a news release announcing the move.

"As a forward-thinking company, KAR has assembled a team to consider potential blockchain technology use cases, and active participation in MOBI can help ensure that effort results in a unified, secure reality for our customers and the industry," he added. 

Officials from MOBI said they are actively working with companies accounting for over 70 percent of global vehicle production in terms of the market share.

MOBI and partners — including BMW, Bosch, Ford, General Motors, Groupe Renault, ZF, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Services USA, and now KAR Auction Services — seek to foster an ecosystem where businesses and consumers have security and sovereignty over their driving data, manage rideshare and car-share transactions, and store vehicle identity and usage information.

Working in a consortium can allow MOBI and partners to create transparency and trust among users, reduce risk of fraud and reduce frictions and transaction costs in mobility, such as fees or surcharges applied by third-parties.

Through an open-source approach to blockchain software tools and standards, the MOBI consortium hopes to stimulate more rapid and scalable adoption of the technology by other companies developing autonomous vehicle and mobility services.

MOBI connects a majority of global mobility providers with blockchain innovators as well as government and non-government agencies, and institutions to collaborate on the development of blockchain-enabled vehicle data and mobility services applications.

Initially, MOBI will be working with its partners on projects related to:

  • Vehicle identity, history and data tracking
  • Supply chain tracking, transparency and efficiency
  • Autonomous machine and vehicle payments
  • Secure mobility ecosystem commerce
  • Data markets for autonomous and human driving
  • Carsharing and ride hailing
  • Usage-based mobility pricing for vehicles, insurance, energy, congestion, pollution, infrastructure, and more. 

"Blockchain has the potential to transform the automotive industry – how dealers and consumers purchase vehicles, insure vehicles and use vehicles on a day-to-day basis," said Chris Ballinger, chairman and CEO at MOBI. "KAR's participation with other automotive industry leaders such as global manufacturers, suppliers, startups and government agencies means we can all work toward developing a network we trust and adopt."

The potential of blockchain is just one new wave of innovation hitting the automotive market these days. 

In fact, AuSM’s new event — the , sponsored in part by KAR Auction Services — is kicking off today and covering topics like cybersecurity, ride sharing, the future of car ownership, fin tech and more. The Raleigh, N.C., event, will go through Thursday of this week, and covers the latest in tech, as well as providing strategies and insight on the future of the auto industry. 

Read more on the new MOBI consortium in the very first edition of the Auto Fin Journal, set to hit the Web soon. In the meantime, check out the latest coverage from the new publication at 

Nick Zulovich, Senior Editor, Auto Fin Journal, BHPH Report, and Subprime Auto Finance News, contributed to this report. 

J.D. Power and HARMAN align to leverage connected car data


Another way data can be used as a catalyst for positive change surfaced on Monday.

J.D. Power and HARMAN announced an alliance that the companies say will significantly influence the automotive industry’s use of vehicle data to enrich the customer experience, solve problems more effectively and help identify what consumers want from their increasingly automated vehicles.

Integrating customer insights with connected car data to provide OEMs with more accurate back from owners is the shared goal of J.D. Power and HARMAN International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co.

With the rapid emergence of new technology in the automotive industry, the companies insisted that understanding driver behavior and preferences within the vehicle is more crucial than ever for automakers. Now, J.D. Power will work with HARMAN to go beyond measuring consumer insights to help automakers around the world better measure and understand how their evolving products are satisfying customer needs.

“Having been on the OEM side for most of my career, I know the industry has been looking for this kind of solution for a long time,” said Doug Betts, senior vice president of global automotive at J.D. Power.

“It was easy to dream, but getting it done takes a skill set that no single company has. The alliance of our two companies can credibly deliver the dream of merging consumer and vehicle data to provide a clear view of cause and effect,” Betts continued.

HARMAN Ignite, an automotive cloud solution, can enable a unique view into driver usage patterns. When combined with J.D. Power consumer data, officials believe the tool can provide functional-level insights into how consumers are interacting with the systems and what they may want from the in-vehicle experience.

With this service, OEMs and suppliers can identify areas that can be improved and ultimately bring desired features and functions to market faster.

“J.D. Power has the most thorough understanding of automotive consumer satisfaction of any company in the industry,” said Sanjay Dhawan, president of HARMAN Connected Services and HARMAN chief technology officer.

“With HARMAN’s connected car, software and integration expertise, we are set to realize the exciting potential of connected cars, including enhanced safety, greater performance and more immersive and personalized experiences,” Dhawan continued.

In cooperation with OEMs, the companies emphasized data only will be collected from consumers who opt in to share their data.  This data will be anonymized and aggregated to protect consumer privacy.

Kia Motors America, SiriusXM extend partnership for intro subscriptions


Last week, Kia Motors America announced its customers will continue to receive a three-month SiriusXM all-access subscription. The OEM and SiriusXM have extended their partnership by another five years, taking the offering through Kia’s 2023 model year.

The all-access programming package is the satellite radio company’s most expansive, and includes streaming via its mobile app.

“Kia continues to distinguish itself as a leading manufacturer of safe, dependable and affordable vehicles, which is recognized by their top ranking in the most recent J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, and their IIHS Top Safety Pick ratings,” said James Wu, vice president, automotive partnerships for SiriusXM.

“Their customers are very loyal and we are pleased to extend our long-term relationship to continue to provide those customers with the benefit of SiriusXM’s exceptional audio entertainment and infotainment services," he added. 

Kia customers will also receive a three-month subscription to the SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link infotainment services. The traffic tool offers detailed information on traffic speed, accidents and more before drivers hit congestion; while the travel tool provides info like weather, fuel prices, movie listings and more.

“Extending our relationship with SiriusXM and continuing to provide Kia customers with SiriusXM’s extensive offering of audio entertainment and infotainment services was a priority for us,” said Orth Hedrick, VP, strategy and planning for Kia Motors America.  “The ability to continue offering SiriusXM, and with it access to an exceptional lineup of programming choices – hundreds of channels of commercial-free music, live sports, comedy, news and more – is integral in enhancing the Kia experience for many years to come.”


CDK adds KBB Trusted Advisor to partner program


Kelley Blue Book’s Trusted Advisor Program is now available through the CDK Global Partner Program, the company announced Thursday.

The KBB Trusted Advisor Program is now part of a marketplace of applications and integrations developed to help automotive dealers compete.

Partners can integrate with a range of CDK applications and CDK dealer websites.

KBB’s newly introduced Trusted Advisor Program is designed to educate both dealers and car shoppers through a full-suite integration across both digital and print marketing platforms, according to the company.

“Teaming up with CDK provides dealer customers with the KBB tools they need to help alleviate pain points often associated with both sides of the transaction,” KBB general manager Mike Sadowski said in a news release

“The KBB Trusted Advisor Program helps instill confidence at all points of the sale through more transparency and the availability of trusted valuation information backed by more than 90 years of experience, helping move vehicles faster.”

In addition to a choice of KBB trade valuation solutions, platforms currently available through the Trusted Advisor Program include KBB inventory pricing analysis reports and a marketing assets web portal designed to support dealers’ advertising and marketing demands.

“We’re very pleased to introduce KBB as the newest member of the CDK Global Partner Program," said Howard Gardner, vice president and general manager of CDK Data Services. “KBB and its Trusted Advisor Program is a welcome addition to our vibrant program that provides dealers with a range of partner choices and the assurance that their programs can be seamlessly integrated with our applications.”