5 components of AiMCertify.com being piloted through KBB in 9 markets

LONG BEACH, Calif. - 

Alliance Inspection Management (AiM) recently launched AiMCertify.com for vehicle buyers and sellers.

AiMCertify.com offers tiered inspection solutions — starting as low as $129 — for used vehicle shoppers and sellers through four product offerings: AiM Preferred, AiM Plus, AiM Premier and AiM Commercial. Each package includes:

—A 150-point inspection
—Bumper-to-bumper interior and exterior evaluation
—A test drive by a professional inspector
—15 or more photos documenting condition
—Online reporting and much more

Vehicle history reports and fluid testing are included in several packages.

All inspection products include a condition report with an “A” to “F” letter grade so buyers can quickly make informed decisions and sellers can list their vehicles with confidence.

In light of recent weather catastrophes such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, now is the ample time for consumers be aware of a used car's condition before making a major purchase.

Additionally, Kelley Blue Book has begun a pilot program of AimCertify.com in markets across the U.S. including:

• Los Angeles
• Chicago
• Dallas
• San Francisco
• Boston
• Atlanta
• Tampa, Fla.
• Phoenix
• Seattle

“One of the biggest concerns when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle are underlying issues that might go unnoticed,” AiM senior vice president of sales and marketing Eric Widmer said. “Prospective vehicle buyers can use our services to ensure these items get identified before they pay for the car.

“It is also a good practice for people selling cars to be proactive and get a third-party inspection as this creates a trustworthy sales experience for both parties,” Widmer continued. “With used-car sales at an all-time high, we’ve launched AiMCertify.com to provide a solution for used car shoppers that want to have an independent verification of the condition of a car before making the purchase and sellers who want to address items before they list their vehicle for sale.”

AiMCertify.com inspections use the company’s proprietary software, hardware and training to ensure consistent high-quality and accurate condition reports. AiMCertify.com condition reports are designed to increase buyer confidence and reduce the time it takes to sell a vehicle. AiM’s more than 1,400 full-time vehicle inspectors operate throughout the U.S., enabling AiM to address the more than 10 million vehicles bought and sold in the peer-to-peer market.

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