AuctionVcommerce launches digital customer interface to help users speed up, track requests

Photo courtesy of AuctionVcommerce.

AuctionVcommerce recently announced the release of its Dealer Service Center tool, which is an independent-auction-branded customer interface that is designed to give dealers and consignors the ability to expedite requests directly to any auction department.

The company said that it is releasing the system to all of its members as a targeted communication strategy for the year and will begin with Columbus Fair Auto Auction, Dealer’s Auto Auction of the Southwest, and Indianapolis Car Exchange the week of Jan. 22.

Other members are expected to be launched by early February, according to the company.

"Emails and verbal exchanges are not reliable in a multi-dimensional workplace, and I think many auctions are finding this out the hard way," AuctionVcommerce president Kelly Bianchi said in a news release. "What we have developed is a centralized communication system that digitally distributes information exactly where it needs to go, and yet keeps it all accessible from a single-entry point."

With the tool, Bianchi said auctions can expect to reduce office-related expenses and increase productivity.

The Dealer Service Center is accessible from a desktop or mobile device and provides an option to receive text notifications and track requests.

AuctionVcommerce said the tool also offers customers a digital option for initiating auction services which allows them to avoid counter lines, hold messages and limit business hours.



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