AutoAp releases survey to help dealers evaluate safety recall liability


AutoAp has developed a new assessment survey that provides dealers with a current safety recall liability score and specific recommendations regarding needed improvements to reduce safety recall liability at their dealerships.

With the report, dealers can gain an understanding of how they compare to the industry average and dealers with effective safety recall management processes.

“Dealers tell us how quickly they are able to lower their liability with the specific recommendations provided in our report. They’ve also said they had no idea they weren’t really covered,” AutoAp chief executive officer Mark Paul said in a news release.

“With all of the safety recall compliance requirements facing dealers today, it is extremely important for dealers to honestly assess how they are currently managing safety recalls. We are pleased to offer this industry-first recall management assessment tool, giving dealers an easy way to quantify their current recall liability and move towards best practices,” he continued.

The assessment includes six questions and is available to franchised dealers through the end of the year.

“Establishing a baseline for current recall management effectiveness, dealer principals can begin their critical process examination and learn where improvements need to be made. David Nathanson, managing partner at motormindz said in the release. “Ignoring ineffective recall management practices guarantees that a dealer will remain at high risk. I applaud AutoAp for making this available for all dealers. It is timely and extremely valuable.”

For access to the online assessment click .

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