AutoLoop adds third-party integrations to provide dealers RO creation via app


AutoLoop announced Tuesday that new third-party integrations added to its SmartLane mobile check-in app now provides dealers using Dealertrack, ADAM and Autosoft the ability to instantly generate ROs on their tablets during check-in.

Once the check-in process is complete, users can now choose the option to “Create an RO” to immediately open the RO within the DMS.

“SmartLane already helps expedite check-ins and streamline the service experience,” AutoLoop chief product officer Matt Rodeghero said in a news release. “Our new integrations significantly expand those capabilities by saving additional advisor time and eliminating needless trips elsewhere just to create an RO—and they obviously make the process faster and less confusing for the customer, as well.”

SmartLane is completely integrated with all other AutoLoop products, and in addition to the ability to receive a full summary of the check-in, any new ROs created are immediately registered in the AutoLoop Book appointment ledger via the app.

“Each new integration puts more valuable tools and resources in the hands of the dealer, so we will be adding even more DMS systems in the next few months,” added Rodeghero. “Our projected timeline is the first quarter of 2018, and we’re excited about continuing to expand the capabilities of our offering for dealers using our platform.”

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