automotiveMastermind, Equifax team to provide dealers prescreen credit offer tech


automotiveMastermind technology users can now choose to deliver prescreen credit offers via Equifax’s real-time credit-based solution PowerLead Offer, the company announced Thursday.

The behavior prediction technology provider has partnered with Equifax to integrate PowerLead Offer data to generate personalized, micro-targeted prescreen offers for dealers' customers.

PowerLead Offer can be used with browsing shoppers visiting the dealership or customers having their vehicle serviced.

“Every dealer wants to increase sales and customer satisfaction and in teaming up with Equifax we are able to quickly and easily help dealers fulfill that goal,” automotiveMastermind chief executive officer and co-founder Johannes Gnauck said in a news release.

“We want to provide dealers with every tool available, and now they will be able to identify which consumers are likely to buy based on results from BPS and PowerLead Offer, providing them with a firm offer of credit for financing a replacement vehicle,” he continued.

Thirty-six percent of dealer partners who have already used the integrated technology have identified an over 20 percent increase in new sales opportunities, according to Mastermind.

“There’s a myriad of reasons why consumers hesitate to engage in the traditional retail auto shopping model,” said John Giamalvo, vice president and auto dealer leader at Equifax. “Fortunately, sophisticated tools like PowerLead exist to help dealers get ahead of shoppers with a high propensity to buy by providing firm credit offers. We are very happy to join forces with automotiveMastermind, in their proactive platform, to help dealers get in front of the future of car buying.”

Additionally, to access PowerLead via Mastermind, dealers must also begin a relationship with the Equifax Offer service. Interested dealers can Mastermind to initiate the onboarding process.

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