AutoTec announces AuctionACCESS floor plan integration with EDGE AuctionOS locations


AutoTec announced Monday that AuctionACCESS has expanded its floor plan platform via the integration in EDGE AuctionOS auction locations.

The integration allows participating lenders to centralize and automate the transmission of credit availability to EDGE AuctionOS locations.

“We are thrilled to partner with EDGE AuctionOS on our floor plan platform,” AuctionACCESS vice president of business development Charlie Adams said in a news release. “The AuctionACCESS floor plan platform automates and streamlines every aspect of the way floor plan information is communicated between lenders and auctions. This integration will make it easier for both dealers and wholesale lenders to conduct business at EDGE AuctionOS locations."

Additionally, via the integration, EDGE AuctionOS auctions can also electronically transmit floor plan loan originations to participating lenders.

“Auction Edge is pleased to bring new innovations to its customers that help their businesses grow,” said Kathy Williamson, VP at EDGE AuctionOS.

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