Car Keys Express introduces new mobile-to-consumer service


Car Keys Express announced Wednesday that the company is extending its service by offering consumers on-site, instant automotive key replacement via an Uber-inspired webpage where users can choose from one of three service levels.

The levels of service include the following three options:

  • Priority— receive same-day service with ability to further upgrade to "Custom Critical" for service on nights and weekends.
  • Standard—pick a later time for service at a lower price.
  • Economy—meet a technician at one of their regularly scheduled stops, consumers get maximum savings.

"We've spent fifteen years perfecting a mobile solution for businesses to manage this increasing cost. It's grown us into a nationwide company and put us on Inc. Magazine's list of the fastest growing companies two years in a row,” Car Keys Express owner and founder Mark Lanwehr said in a news release. “Now we're offering consumers the same solution. Carmakers have had a virtual monopoly for decades. We're the first to bring it to consumers. With 250,000,000 North American drivers, it's a significant opportunity."

The company said it has been growing rapidly since the 2000s when carmakers began to add expensive features to keys.

"Increases in automotive key technology have driven up their cost. In the eighties, you'd pay a few dollars to replace a set of keys, today it can exceed a thousand dollars," added Lanwehr.


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