CarStory announces FordDirect partnership to provide Market Reports to dealers

AUSTIN, Texas - 

CarStory announced Thursday that its CarStory Market Reports for used-vehicle insights are now available to all Ford and Lincoln dealers with a FordDirect website at no charge.

Ford and Lincoln dealers have access to CarStory's proprietary vehicle and market analytics tool, which uses the industry's largest set of inventory and shopper insights, according to the company.

“Dealers need the most innovative tools to stay competitive in the crowded market,” CarStory creator and chief performance officer Chad Bockius said in a news release. “There's just too much data out there to stick with the old ways. Shopping behavior is changing with the proliferation of mobile-first and consumers want answers not just more information. We are excited to partner with FordDirect to give dealers the analytics they need to turn browsers into buyers.”

CarStory said FordDirect joins Volkswagen, Hyundai and over 10,000 franchise and independent dealers, including OEMs and automotive marketplaces currently using Market Reports.

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