CarStory introduces new search tech designed to speed-up results

AUSTIN, Texas - 

CarStory announced Tuesday that it has introduced CarStory MicroDB, its new a patent-pending search and compression technology designed to increase automotive searches on desktops and mobile devices.

CarStory MicroDB improves automotive searches by over 40 times, according to CarStory.

“This is a really exciting evolution of search technology, empowering browsers with the capabilities of the datacenter,” parent company Vast chief architect Benedict Smith said in a news release. “This redefines 'instant' in a way that has to be experienced to appreciate. It's the culmination of years of work, utilizing browser technologies only now reaching maturity, and is very much the future of web technology.”

No matter the device or connection method, CarStory said by compressing and pushing the data to the client with CarStory MicroDB, sites can experience the full interactivity and a substantial increase in speed.

CarStory MicroDB can be experienced in beta at, it is currently available for individual licensing to enterprise partners, such as marketplaces and dealer website providers.

“CarStory MicroDB changes the game in automotive search. Most sites are frustratingly slow and every delay results in lost sales, traffic and loyalty,” Vast chief executive officer John Price added. “Speed and a great experience are now inextricably linked. You can’t deliver one without the other. We’re excited to set a new bar for what speed means in the industry.”

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