Carvana’s new California market marks 40th for online retailer

Photo courtesy of Carvana.

It’s been a busy fall for Carvana. After launching in the Las Vegas market in October, the company announced on Wednesday it is expanding into its 40th market—Bakersfield, Calif.

Carvana, an ecommerce platform for buying used cars, advertises to its clients that after buying a car online, new vehicle owners can have that vehicle delivered as soon as the next day.

“Forty markets in four years is an accomplishment we’re incredibly proud of,” Ernie Garcia, Carvana founder and chief executive officer said. “To grow our presence in California, launching the Bakersfield market alongside this milestone, makes it even more meaningful.” 

Bakersville customers who want to use the online used-vehicle retailer’s coin-operated, fully automated Car Vending Machine can sign up for the company’s “fly-and-drive” program.

Customers can fly to a Carvana Car Vending Machine in one of seven cities (Austin, Texas; Dallas; Houston; Nashville, Tenn.; San Antonio; Raleigh, N.C.; or Jacksonville, Fla.) to pick up the vehicle, and the company will provide a $200 airfare stipend.

Carvana has delivered vehicles to customers in 48 states, and now offers free delivery to residents in 40 markets.

In other recent news from Carvana, Ally Financial announced earlier this month it is increasing the amount it is providing Carvana to finance retail contracts by $1.4 billion.

Back in January, Ally had initially committed to provide $600 million for retail financing for the online car-buying platform; over the next 12 months, that figure will increase to $2 billion.

With the agreement, Ally provides Carvana funding for financing and bulk purchasing of contracts.

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