Carvana takes new curbside pickup service to Birmingham

The new Carvana Curbside, in Birmingham, Ala. Photo courtesy of Carvana.

Just five years after selling its first used vehicle in Atlanta, Carvana has added an additional vehicle pickup option to complement its Car Vending Machines. 

Carvana is now also offering vehicle pickup via Carvana Curbside, the company’s new smaller format purchase fulfillment concept.

Following the success of an early iteration in Atlanta, the company announced Wednesday that it now offers Carvana Curbside in Birmingham, Ala., along with free delivery in Huntsville and Montgomery, the companies 49th and 50th markets, respectively.

Carvana Curbside combines attractive components from Carvana Car Vending Machines with the convenience of a smaller format and it’s clear that the growing company has its eyes set on even more car shoppers who are open to a new way to buy a car.

In addition to increased brand visibility, the auto industry disruptor said the smaller real estate footprint of Carvana Curbside locations also minimizes overhead costs and provides added flexibility for customers.

“As our customer base has grown, so have our ideas for ways to continue to deliver on our promise that we sell cars, but we’re not car salespeople,” Carvana chief executive officer Ernie Garcia said in a news release. “Our Carvana Curbside concept is quick, convenient and fun, much like our multi-story Car Vending Machines, but requires less square footage, so we can explore a variety of markets to offer vehicle pick-up for interested customers.

“Additionally, celebrating our 50th market, launching Huntsville and Montgomery in conjunction with our newest customer experience is really exciting.”

When picking up a vehicle from a Carvana Curbside location customers are given a personalized key card that is designed to open the building’s all-glass doors.

Out-of-state customers who are interested in picking up their purchase from Carvana Curbside can use Carvana’s fly-and-drive program to be reimbursed up to $200 for airfare.

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