Carvoy introduces digital marketplace platform for dealers


Carvoy announced Thursday the launch of Carvoy Ignite, an end-to-end e-commerce SaaS platform designed to convert auto dealers’ websites into an online marketplace.

The digital platform is available to dealerships nationwide and easily integrates with dealers’ pre-existing systems, the company said.

The automotive-tech startup, , the parent company of Carvoy Ignite, provides a transparent online solution to new-car leasing and user-dealer connectivity. Its technology allows users to start and finish the entire leasing process from their desktop.

Carvoy has partnered with over 300 dealerships on the East Coast, according to the company.

The company said it launched Carvoy Ignite to continue creating synergies for dealerships.

Carvoy Ignite can increase the amount of dealerships’ sales transactions because it gives consumers access to inventory after hours and cuts down on the time it takes to get a lease done, according to Carvoy.

In addition to allowing dealerships to create customizable online showrooms, Carvoy Ignite provides dealers with real-time analytics of all transactions to both access granular buyer behavior and guide pricing via its digital dashboard.

“For most, the car buying experience is associated with time-consuming negotiations and reviewing extensive paperwork. Carvoy Ignite gives consumers an experience they can be excited about while simultaneously increasing profits for dealers,” Carvoy Ignite chief executive officer and co-founder Daniel Yuabov said in a news release. “Carvoy Ignite was born out of a deep understanding of the issues that exist within the automotive industry.

“Supplying dealerships with the tools they need to be able to address the customer demand for a more simplified, efficient and user-friendly car buying process,” Yuabov continued.

The Carvoy Ignite dashboard includes trackable inventory, automated desking, finance and insurance (F&I) package options, trade-in options and customer credit approval.

During transactions, the F&I department will receive digitized deals that Carvoy Ignite pushes directly into their financing software with pre-selected add-ons.

Whether on the showroom floor or in the F&I office, Carvoy Ignite also provides dealerships access to text-enabled customer follow-ups and links for in-store personnel.

Carvoy said the technology allows salespeople to operate more effectively because they can manage all transactions transparently from a mobile device.

“In today’s world, every industry is shifting their inventory to online marketplaces and I always worried it wouldn’t be a fit,” Smithtown Toyota director of business development Steve Gaynor explained in the news release. “After learning about Carvoy Ignite, I realized this will not only provide my customers with the online experience they are looking for when leasing a car, but it will help my colleagues when they are providing consumers with the exact car that they want.”

Updated to clarify details of Carvoy platform.

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