CFAA employs cloud-based tracking system to collect inventory data in real-time


Columbus Fair Auto Auction (CFAA) is the latest to employ the inventory management platform from Cognosos that's built to provide automotive operations an effective and affordable way to track vehicles across both large and multiple lots in real-time.

The auction announced Thursday that it has launched a new partnership with Cognosos, a supplier of enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) services, to leverage the innovative RadioTrax platform for wireless vehicle tracking.

When it comes to avoiding time-consuming searches and delivering a first-rate customer experience, access to vehicle location data in real-time can be a  difference maker for auctions seeking minute-to-minute status information up until the vehicle is with its new owner.

Along with the RadioTrax platform dashboards and smartphone application for vehicle managers, customers can also use an app for the platform to find out the status of individual vehicles via an auction watch list.

CFAA personnel can stream real-time location data on vehicles using RadioTrax trackers. The RadioTrax system includes a battery-operated tracker that sits within each vehicle relays location. The trackers use wireless cloud technologies to transmit its GPS location over a long-range wireless link to a gateway.

“RadioTrax gives our personnel the visibility they need to ensure that our auto auction business is operating at peak efficiency,” CFAA president and chief operating officer Greg Levi said in news release. “It helps us keep our auction lanes running at full speed and will give our customers an exciting new way to track the vehicles they’re interested in bidding on.”

Earlier this year, Cognosos announced that the company finished the January rollout of its RadioTrax platform at four Atlanta-based Hennessy Automobile dealerships.

Prior to RadioTrax, the market lacked an available IoT solution that is as affordable, reliable and flexible, according to Cognosos chief executive officer Steve Robb.

“RadioTrax technology provides extended geographic coverage using low-power wireless, reducing infrastructure and network costs,” said Robb. “We’ve engineered the solution to be reliable and scalable from the tracker in the vehicle all the way to the reporting dashboards in the cloud.”

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