Chrome Data releases new colorized walk-around tool


Chrome Data recently launched Colorized 360°, a new vehicle walk-around product that lets customers navigate between eight different colorized angles and stylized transitions when exploring various models.

The new product provides an interactive and customized experience that is designed to engage customers and improve sales.

Colorized 360° is fitted with a configurable player that allows users to customize dealer branding, logos and special programs to increase brand awareness.

“We’re very excited to provide another next generation merchandising tool for our customers,” Chrome Data general manager Craig Jennings said in a news release. “Colorized 360° puts car buyers in the driver’s seat to help them visualize driving and owning the vehicle. We know this translates to higher engagement and more vehicle sales.”

Colorized 360° can adapt to any platform. The technology links directly to Chrome Style IDs, Acode and VIN data for seamless integration with VDPs, SRPs, campaign landing pages.

Additionally, Colorized 360° is available at a reduced cost as part of the company’s new Chrome Media Bundle package which also includes the Chrome Image Gallery along with Model and VIN Virtual Test Drive Videos.

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