Clarivoy announces new software that matches marketing source to vehicle sales


Clarivoy announced Monday the launch of new software that uses what it calls “Any-Touch” attribution to ensure that marketing sources accurately receive credit for influencing customers during the car buying process.

When marketing sources have influenced a customer’s vehicle purchase,   the new software uses the Any-Touch attribution to guarantee that proper credit is attributed.

To show vendors’ accurate impact on vehicle sales, Clarivoy works with dealers to obtain sales data and then matches the sales file with leads and vendor website traffic, the company said.

While dealers and third-party auto vendors receive millions of unique web visitors per month — less than five percent identify themselves, according to Clarivoy chief executive officer Steve White.

“Who are the other 95 percent, and did they purchase a vehicle?” said White. “In the eyes of a dealer, the value of a third-party auto vendor, marketing agency or website provider is reduced to one thing: Leads. Since most visitors to a dealer’s website or third-party site are unidentifiable, 95 percent of the value of that vendor or marketing partner is lost.”

The new software gives dealers an understanding of the total number of vehicles each vendor and marketing source is responsible for influencing by delivering monthly attributable sales to dealers’ dashboards.

Clarivoy said the new API technology was created using proprietary technology designed to match a person to multiple devices across multiple channels.

Additionally, according to the company, set up is simple and only requires the installation of Clarivoy’s tracking code on all relevant website properties.

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