dealerAffinity releases new lead gen platform that captures in-market leads from dealer sites


dealerAffinity introduced Wednesday its leadAffinity online lead generation platform that is designed to capture in-market leads on a dealer's website.

This follows the company’s January announcement that it has joined the expanding CDK Global Partner Program this year.

The dealerAffinity solution suite provides online trade appraisals, live web chat with text messaging and on-site auctions to help car dealers convert web visitors into leads.

With leadAffinity, dealerAffinity dealers can now allow visitors to place competing offers for vehicles directly on the dealer's website. The company said that each visitor who places an offer becomes a lead for the dealer.

“By accepting multiple offers on a single vehicle, the dealer is able to generate a constant stream of leads that are in-market for a vehicle,” dealerAffinity co-founder Aaron Haimovitz said in a news release. “Moreover, the dealer is able to keep the traffic on their website instead of sending them to third-party sites hosting competing vehicles.”

In addition to keeping visitors from navigating to third party vehicle listing sites, leadAffinity also protects dealers through a reserve pricing mechanism ensures that all offers meet a minimum threshold, the company said.

“In the digital age, car dealers should view their website as their core to their lead generation programs,” added Haimovitz. “leadAffinity ensures a steady flow of leads into the dealership, lowers website abandonment and helps dealers move aging inventory.”

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