DealerStar DMS undergoes Ford integration

Photo credit: Worrawout Varinthanutkun /

DealerStar announced Thursday that it has completed a new dealer management software integration with Ford that includes over 13 applications relating to warranty claim submissions, financial statements, parts orders and vehicle history.

The integration now allows DealerStar DMS users to interact with Ford without having to leave the DMS app.

“Older DMS systems require the users to leave the DMS screen and log into the separate factory DCS application. DealerStar designed the factory integration as part of the service, parts, sales and accounting apps.” company president Sandi Jerome said in a news release.

Additionally, when a repair order is closed and the warranty claim is created on the DealerStar DMS users can now make changes to claims that will be updated back to the repair order record, according to DealerStar.

“This means higher productivity and prevents ordering or reporting the wrong information to the factory,” added Jerome. “As a profit-focused DMS, DealerStar provides dealers with the tools they need to increase profit with better internal control.”

DealerStar said it will begin installing at Ford dealerships early next year.

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