ELEAD1ONE releases dealership app built to facilitate online car-buying process


ELEAD1ONE introduced on Monday its DealBuilder online car-buying application that enables salespeople to be completely mobile while guiding customers through the car-buying process.

The new app can be used in-store with DealerBuilder Showroom, or on a dealer’s website with DealBuilder Online to show inventory, confirm quotes, communicate with managers, fill out credit apps and scan driver’s licenses before test drives.

ELEAD1ONE said DealerBuilder is both designed to keep dealerships central to the online car-buying process and fully integrated into ELEAD1ONE CRM to be used on a desktop, mobile tablet or smartphone.

Because Showroom and Online versions are synchronized, a customer can start a deal online, save it, and then come into a store to complete or finalize from home.

The CRM integration also allows salespeople to utilize the app to access metrics, view appointments, complete tasks, add notes and manage customer s.

“Our vision for the future of digital retailing keeps dealerships central to the online car-buying process, unlike third-party solutions that plan to sell partially completed deals as leads to auto dealers,” ELEAD1ONE partner Bill Wittenmyer said in a news release. “Although DealBuilder can be used to complete the entire purchase process online, in the near term we think most customers will start their deals online and come into the dealership for test drives and to sign papers.”

Lexus of Wesley Chapel in Wesley Chapel, Fla., which has been testing DealBuilder Showroom for two months, has 21 salespeople using the app on iPads.

“No matter where the salespeople are on the property they never have to leave the customers’ side. The app shows our customers that we respect their time, and the salespeople love it,” said Lexus of Wesley Chapel’s director of strategy Jordan Johnson. “DealBuilder empowers our salespeople to do more and is simply the intelligent way to do business in 2018.”

While on a dealership’s website, when viewing inventory, a customer is provided the option to “Build Your Own Deal” or “Buy Now.” And they can save vehicles into a “Virtual Lot” or use the app to view side-by-side comparisons.

For a trade-in evaluation, customers can upload vehicle photos and fill out a detailed damage report. When a deal is created online or a customer has questions there are custom notifications that alert salespeople and managers.

 A built-in chat application that connects the customer with a salesperson can be used for both price negotiation and to guide customers through the process, according to ELEAD1ONE.

 With DealBuilder Showroom, dealerships can use a built-in VIN scan to scan the customer’s VIN and fill out a damage report. Customers can compare payments, change terms and add aftermarket products via the app’s built-in desking tool, the company said.

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